18.06.21 Presentation Publisher-in-Residence El Corruptor (Colombia)

14:00-19:00 at PrintRoom, Schietbaanstraat 17

Join us on Friday 18 June for an afternoon with our Publisher-in-Residence El Corruptor! A project that explores masculinity and how the male body is represented in history, media and art.

El Corruptor will present two publications printed during their residency: Side Guys and El Orto, a facsimile of El Otro magazine. On view are a selection of publications by El Corruptor themselves and admired artists from Colombia – specially curated for this occasion, a unique and one of a kind chance to view these publications in The Netherlands!

Side Guys is a compilation of drawings and stories by El Corruptor- whore collective. For it they asked their friends what they do while waiting for a hook-up to arrive at their place. With that information, they made 9 drawings that escort three short stories in which they talk about the concept of value, broken hearts, monogamous and open relationships, power and worth.

El Orto (The Arsehole) is an inaccurate facsimile of El Otro (The Other) which is considered the first gay magazine in Colombia, and was edited by Leon Zuleta in the city of Medellin between 1977 and 1979. In El Orto (The Arsehole) El Corruptor gathers and analyses 6 issues of the legendary publication. The magazine has it all: mysterious lesbians, how to be your own biggest fan, fagbags, brainy articles, hand-drawn advertising and more!

Following the tradition of the Colombian ‘onces’ (afternoon snack) El Corruptor will make for their guests the Colombian speciality Chicha de arroz and cold Aguadepanela! Colombian coffee, chocolate and snacks will be present as well.

El Corruptor will be there all afternoon to hang out, chat, answer questions and sign their books with a kiss! 

More info:

El Corruptor is an art project that explores masculinity and how the male body is represented in history, media and art. We like men, we like to look at men, draw them, taste them, and use them. After years of observation of the male body, we have learned about sexuality, gender, desire, class, race, nature and history. We understand, then, masculinity as a cluster of concepts that battles for the dominance of bodies, regardless of sex. Therefore, our role is to play with all these concepts to find what is possible to do with them. 

Originally initiated as an editorial project, El Corruptor works with drawings, illustrations, publications, animation, texts, and sound. The way these mediums are approached is heavily influenced by a drawing and collage mindset. Moreover, we only want to have fun, and pleasure is the original condition of all our projects. 

El Corruptor has worked with Daily life Storage, Oasis, Bulto and Queer Archive Institute Colombia.

PrintRoom’s Programme is kindly supported by the Mondrian Fund, the Creative Industries Fund NL and the City of Rotterdam. 

PrintRoom Schietbaanstraat 17 Rotterdam

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