Friday, 13 October – Let’s Become Fungal!

It’s that time of the year!

Join us for the book presentation of Let’s Become Fungal! – Mycelium Teachings and Arts with Yasmine Ostendorf-Rodriguez.

Friday, 13 October, 19:30-22:00 // start at 20:00

This Friday, the 13th Let’s Become Funghal! will be presented at PrintRoom. As part of this occasion, we will go out in the afternoon with a group of interested parties and experts, led by Eline Vis of the Mycologische Vereniging Nederland. Eline is specialized in the mushrooms that grow in the Natura2000 area of ​​Oostvoorne and Rockanje. The walk is organized in preparation for a future NETBook in collaboration with Yasmine Ostendorf-Rodriguez. In the evening, Yasmine will present her most recent publication Let’s Become Funghal! and talk about her collective mycelial efforts. Come to Printroom to spread your spores and make new connections!

About Let’s Go Funghal!

There is a growing interest in fungi and mycelium as a material, the ever-branching connecting threads of the fungal world. The entanglements and how this rhizomatic network functions is not just a fascinating ecological system and material, but carries a profound usefulness as a metaphor for our potential new systems, ways of thinking and behaviors.

Let’s Become Fungal! takes its inspiration from the world of art and mycology and shares innovative practices from Latin America and the Caribbean that are rooted in multispecies collaboration, symbiosis, alliances, non-monetary resource exchange, decentralization, bottom-up methods and mutual dependency­—all in line with the behavior of the mycelium.

Every chapter is phrased as a question. They do not lead to answers, but to twelve teachings addressing for instance collaboration, decoloniality, non-linearity, toxicity, mobilization, biomimicry, death, and being non-binary. Simultaneously it ventures deeper into the world of fungi. The teachings from the fungus may inspire artists, collectives, organizations, educators, policy-makers, designers, scientists, anthropologists, change-makers, curators, urbanists, activists, gardeners, community-leaders, farmers, and many others, to become more fungal in their ways of working and being.

Inspired by conversations with: Francisca Álvarez Sánchez, Carolina Caycedo, Annalee Davis, Maya Errázuriz, Juan Ferrer, Lilian Fraiji, Giuliana Furci, Sofía Gallisá Muriente, Yina Jiménez Suriel, Patricia Kaishian, Mirla Klijn and Olaf Boswijk, Lola Malavasi and Daniela Morales Lisac, Martina Manterola and Carmen Serra, Camila Marambio, Mariana Martínez Balvanera, Claudia Martínez Garay, Lina Meija and Luciana Fleischman, Tomaz Morgado Françozo and Marília Carneiro Brandão, Marion Neumann, Maria Alice Neves, Tara Rodríguez Besosa, Raquel Rosenberg, Juli Simon, Ela Spalding, Gianine Tabja, Gabriela Flores del Pozo and Lucia Monge, Fer Walüng, Tatyana Zambrano

Design: Andrea Spikker with illustrations by Rommy González

Yasmine Ostendorf-Rodríguez is the author of Let’s Become Fungal! Mycelium Teachings and the Arts. She works as a curator and researcher on art and ecology, and is based in Mexico-City. She founded and directed many international initiatives at the intersection of art and ecology, including the Green Art Lab Alliance (Asia, Latin America and Europe) and the Nature Research Department; the Van Eyck Food Lab; and the Future Materials Bank at the Jan van Eyck Academie (the Netherlands).

Friday, 29 September: Book Nomad / abC (art book in China) at PrintRoom

Book Nomad, a traveling selection of books by abC (art book in China) Art Book Fair and other contributors, is visiting PrintRoom.

Friday 29 September, 19:00-21:00
Book presentation, drinks and bites

Book Nomad was launched during the 7th abC Art Book Fair (Shanghai, February 2023) under the theme Nomadic and Imagined. The project explores the possibilities of independent publishing and distribution through self-practice with the intention “to bring cutting-edge, independent art publications from China, and other countries and regions to global readers in a curated manner.”

The project consists of a collection of art publications with a focus on ‘Asianness’. These are sent via post to their next caretakers (publishers, art book shops and art book fairs), who in turn are asked to contribute by adding a selection of their choice to the bundle.
On Friday, the 29th of September, 2023 the traveling collection will be at Printroom. You are welcome to browse the books! They will be on display untill Sunday, the 7th of October, before heading off to Vienna.

Printroom’s selection for ‘Book Nomad’ features: 

* Making Miso by Erika Hirose
* A Cookbook of Invisible writing by Amy Su Wu
* by Ruohong Wu
* Virus Cookbook by Pei-Ying Lin
* NETbook 4: Paper by Marieke de Hoop, Sooji Kim, Esther Krop, Minna Henriksson, among others

Book Nomad’s previous stops include: abCABF (Beijing), pon ding (Taipei), Temporary Unit (Singapore), BKKABF (Bangkok), KL Art Book Fair (Kuala Lumpur), abcABF (Sanghai), Commerce Commerce (Milan), JBE BOOKS (Paris) and einbuch.Haus (Berlin).

left: abC Art Book Fair (Shanghai) 2023
right: The Book Nomad collection, waiting to be unboxed at Printroom

Saturday, 16 September: The Protest Banner Lending Library at Rijnhoutplein and GRAW!

The Protest Banner Lending Library has returned to Rotterdam! Join us at the Rijnhoutplein Festival to make your own banner during the Groot Rotterdams Atelierweekend at Het Archief.

16 September: Rijnhoutplein Festival / 13:00 – 17:00 
Rijnhoutplein, Rotterdam
(between West Kruiskade and Nieuwe Binnenweg)

15 September: Opening / 16:00 – 18:00 
16 & 17 September: GRAW / 13:00 – 17:00
Het Archief (former city archive)
Robert Fruinstraat 52, Rotterdam

On Saturday, September 16th PrintRoom joins the annual Rijnhoutplein Festival, co-organised with our colleague organisations and small businesses in the neighbourhood. You can expect a vibrant afternoon with live music, fashion shows, presentations and workshops.

PrintRoom will once again join forces with Patricia Fonseca Monteiro at her Invalid Atelier, where we will make protest banners for our branch of the Protest Banner Lending Library. You’re invited to join us and make a banner on a topic of your choice! 

More Information:

PrintRoom’s Protest Banner Lending Library, part of the larger Protest Banner Lending Library by US-based artist, writer and educator Aram Han Sifuentes was part of the Protest Processie Parade exhibition at the Zeeuws Museum in Middelburg. The end of the exhibition was heralded by a parade to the city station, with dozens of visitors displaying their self-made banners. From there they traveled back to Rotterdam.

During the Rijnhoutplein Festival both old and new banners will be presented on the square and at our headquarters. The banners are also part of the Groot Rotterdams Atelierweekend Rotterdam on September, 16 and 17 at Het Archief, where Herman Lamers curates a show. PrintRoom’s workshop space will be located in the basement of the building. 

What would your banner look like?

You can join the workshop at Rijnhoutplein on 16 September.
Send us your slogan and/or banner design.

PrintRoom zoekt een Huisredacteur / Projectmedewerker

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PrintRoom zoekt een Huisredacteur / Projectmedewerker

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Books Are Bridges Art Book Fair, Juli 2023, Shelf Life of the Library, presentatie Mariana Lanari en Boek Klup#1, Alaa Abu Asad en Ulufer Çelik

PrintRoom is closed from 3 – 20 August

9 July 2023: The Fabulous Books are Bridges Art Book Fair returns to S.N.V. community gardens!

The Fabulous Books Are Bridges Art Book Fest returns to SNV community gardens on

Sunday 9 July 2023 from 12.00 – 17.00

Roel Langerakweg 33, 3041 JK Rotterdam

Join our Fabulous Art Book Fest with over 30 international and local artist publishers, who present their latest publications at the Clubhouse of SNV community gardens in Rotterdam-West.

With: antoine lefebvre editions /Art Zines / Hon Books (Paris), Artists in Solidarity (Rotterdam), Beatrix Pang/ Zine Coop/ Small tune press (Hong Kong), Bebebooks (Gent), Bur-Rose (The Hague), Colorama (Berlin), Eleanor Vonne Brown / The Nose (Walton on the Naze),  F.G.A.(Rotterdam), Futura Resistenza (Rotterdam/Brussels), Gloria Glitzer (Berlin), Good Neighbour (Amsterdam), Heiba Lamara /OOMK (London), Jap Sam Books (Prinsenbeek), Jesse Presse (Amsterdam), Knust (Nijmegen), Limestone Books (Maastricht), Lu Lin / Not just a collective (Arnhem), Mono Rhetoric (The Hague), Nazir Fadzilah/ SVARA art journal/ Tintabudi Bookshop (Kuala Lumpur), Onomatopee (Eindhoven), Other Forms Berlin/Chicago, Pei-Ying Lin (Taiwan/Eindhoven), PrintRoom (Rotterdam), Priya Jay /iniva / STUART(London), Roots to Fruits (Arnhem), Rose Nordin / STUART/Rabbits Road Press (London), Sarmad Magazine (Rotterdam), Stefanie Leinhos (Leipzig), Tender Hand Press (Glasgow), Teuntje Fleur (Schiedam), The Eriskay Connection (Breda), This was a project… (Rotterdam), Unformed Informed (Rotterdam), Valiz (Amsterdam) and more

on the program:

13.00 – 15.00 Print the Garden workshop by PrintRoom and gardeners

14.00 – Dutch launch of NETbook Walton Flax Exchange with Shane Waltener + workshop

15.00 – Virus cookbook presentation by Pei-Ying Lin “Virophilia: The 2070 revised edition of the Postnatural Cookbook” & tasting of some of the recipes prepared by CHAxARTxRTM

16.00 – Workshop by Martin Laroche/ Good Neighbour: ‘ I remember’

+ All afternoon: Artists in Solidarity will serve snacks and sell artist editions. The proceeds will go to the victims of the earthquake in Turkey and Syria.

+ All afternoon: Music by Lucija Gregov, Cengiz Menguç and Futura Resistenza

Books are Bridges Art Book Fest 2022

The Fabulous Books Are Bridges Art Book Fest is part of the second Books Are Bridges Publishing Summit, which brings together and links international and local publishing platforms to exchange ideas and strengthen the support structures that we build to create a publishing community.

What models do we use to gather around publishing and zine-making and what do we wish to develop in the coming years? How can we (continue to) provide space and attention for not-so-loud voices? Together we will reflect on how to maintain and grow our networks and care for ourselves, so that we can continue to nourish our communities. Three days to share time and care: to think, make and play together during workshops, shared meals, presentations, conversations, and a Fabulous Art Book Fest.

The Books Are Bridges Publishing Summit is developed by PrintRoom (Karin de Jong and team) in collaboration with Rose Nordin and Eleanor Vonne Brown. The title Books Are Bridges is inspired by the publishing practice of Claudia de la Torre. The logo is designed by José Quintanar. The flyer, poster and booklet are designed by Dongyoung Lee.


~ Book presentation Against the Written Word

~ Live performance

by Ian F Svenonius

Celebrating the last days at PrintRoom with Alan Smart, Publisher in Residence in April, sharing some of our Archive stories and finds

27 April 2023

20:00 – 22:00 at PrintRoom

Calling all anarchists, royalty-rejectionists, and everyone else seeking an alternative to the capitalist deluge of King’s Day! Schlep your second-hand wares and revolutionary aspirations to PrintRoom, and join us for an evening programme celebrating resistance from past and present.

Artist and musician Ian F Svenonius will present his fourth and latest book AGAINST THE WRITTEN WORD. Deemed ‘the book to end all books’, this publication is the first of its kind to take a principled stance against literacy, which it describes as a ruling class conspiracy that renders workers as participants in their own oppression. Ian’s talk will include an encounter session with testimonials by former readers and a musical accompaniment from ESCAPE-ISM — the beneath-the-underground sensation that has been described as ‘an act of musical vandalism’.

New Babylon Times: Publishing in the Contested City is an exhibition by publisher-in-residence, Alan Smart. The exhibition, which evolved over the course of the residency, maps a chronology of counter-culture manifestos – including excerpts from Dadaist texts, the Situationist International, and Provo publications. This gathering of material retraces the evolution, dissonances, and interconnections between these movements, each articulating – through happenings, spatial interventions, and reimaginings of the urban sphere – a radical desire for new social and spatial paradigms. 

During the month of April, a series of research excavations and communal discussions will be undertaken in institutional and more independent archives and collections, harvesting both textual material and questions, stories, and shared contemporary perspectives on the historical corpus. Some of these gleanings will be reproduced and made available in our mail-out project, Holiday in the Archive, which will also draw on PrintRoom’s visit to the Interference Archive (NY, USA) and the International Institute of Social History (Amsterdam, NL). If you would like to receive a copy of Holiday in the Archive in the post, please send us a mail at:

13 April 2023 ~ Shelf Life of the Library:

Resistance between the margins

In dialogue with Alan Smart, Mariana Lanari, Heide Hinrichs & Elizabeth Haines 

19:00 – 21:00

Shelf Life of the Library reflects on what kind of artistic, activist and more broadly research strategies can be adopted in order to re-evaluate, and potentially expand the dominant narratives that frame how we understand past, present and future. We invite you to join Alan Smart, Mariana Lanari, Heide Hinrichs and Elizabeth Haines in exploring – provocatively, playfully, curiously – legacies of resistance and critical social action, and the contemporary negotiation of these histories in printed matter.

In the spirit of archival interventions, artist-researcher Mariana Lanari will reflect on her conceptual and spatial re-mediation of library infrastructures. Mariana’s practice explores processes of translation, both in regards to linguistics and broader cultural implications. Her research and artistic projects examine the negotiating role of libraries within the wider context of heritage preservation, as well as the mediation of the library itself in the surrounding social environment.

Heide Hinirchs and Elizabeth Haines will present the publication Shelf Documents: Art Library as Practice. The publication developed from the collaborative project second shelf, initiated in 2018 at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp. The project sought to enable the integration of books by artists from marginal positions in the academy’s library. In this spirit, Shelf Documents departs from the question: ‘How can art libraries be generative resources and sites of action for all who identify as queer, as women, as Black, as Indigenous, as people of colour? What does it mean to consider the art library as a collective practice that spans multiple scales?

Alan Smart’s project, New Babylon Times: Publishing in the Contested City, physically inhabits PrintRoom’s presentation space as a cartographic display of posters, reminiscent of a picket line. Both visually and conceptually, the display also evokes an urban landscape – a site that sees the mundane choreography of life collide with restless ideals and revolutionary desire. The presentation draws on Alan’s critical interest in the intersection of political and social movements with architecture, design and urbanism. Alan Smart joins PrintRoom this month as publisher-in-residence, and during his residency he will facilitate collective encounters with archival sites, including the International Institute of Social History.

April 1 – 30 2023: Meet Publisher in Residence  Alan Smart!

Alan Smart joins PrintRoom in April as publisher-in-residence, and will develop the project New Babylon Times: Publishing in the Contested City, exploring publishing-as-practice through the lens of historicity. 

Alan is an architect, researcher, publisher, and co-founder of the research and design platform OtherForms. In his practice, he examines the intersection of political and social movements with architecture, design and urbanism. He brings with him a selection from his collection of activist publications and documents, which will form part of an evolving exhibition in PrintRoom throughout the month. 

New Babylon Times: Publishing in the Contested City maps out a chronology of counter-culture manifestos – including excerpts from dada, the New Situationists, and PROVO. This gathering of material retraces the evolution, dissonances, and influences between these movements, each articulating – through happening, spatial interventions, and reimaginings of the urban sphere – a radical desire for a new social paradigm. 

During the month, Alan will both facilitate and participate in collective excavations in institutional and community collections, harvesting an abundance of questions, stories, and archival reproductions along the way. Some of these gleanings can also be glimpsed in our mail-out project, Holiday in the Archive, drawing on PrintRoom’s visit to the Interference Archive (NY, USA) and the International Institute of Social History (Amsterdam, NL).If you would like to receive a copy of Holiday in the Archive in the post, please send us a mail at:

18 & 19 March 2023 Book Klup #2 ~ Natalia Papaeva and Masha Krasnova Shabaeva

18.03.2022 | 14:00 – 17:00

+ Performative interventions

19.03.2022 | 16:00 – 18:00

+ Artist talks

On the occasion of Art Central Rotterdam, we present Boek Klup #2, featuring artists Natalia Papaeva and Masha Krasnova-Shabaeva.

Inspired by Natalia’s encounter with linguistic slippages in her mother tongue, Saturday’s event presents a series of spontaneous performances in and around PrintRoom. These playful sequences emerge from questions such as: how to bridge communication when faced with linguistic limitations? How can we embrace misunderstandings and physical gestures as part of the process of understanding one another? These experimental, semi-improvised interventions reflect a gesture of thinking-in-progess — a re-imagining of language as a meandering medium, resisting all expectations of efficiency or precision. 

The collaborative process draws on the artists’ shared interest in the crucial role of language in shaping collective identity and personal memory. On Sunday, Natalia and Masha will engage in a conversation, examining the complexity of language in relation to identity, intergenerational relations, and reclaiming heritage.

Natalia Papaeva, photo by Jana Romanova

Masha’s new publication Colonial Banality will also be on show in a group exhibition at Baanhof from 17 March – 9 April. More information can be found on Art Central Rotterdam’s website. It will also be available for sale in PrintRoom. Proceeds from the sale of the publication will be donated to humanitarian aid support in Ukraine. 

Through ethnographic recollections and illustrations, Colonial Banality critically scrutinises the impact of colonial mechanisms on ethnic minority communities throughout Russia’s history. As the child of a Tartar-Bashkir mother and a Russian father, Masha’s family history intimately reflects the everyday powerplays of nationalist politics. Her illustrations recount the collision of childhood naivety and the realisation of colonial violence. In the words of Ukrainian director Oleksiy Radynski: “Russian culture deserves a much harsher punishment than a boycott. It deserves deconstruction. To deconstruct Russian-speaking culture is to question the existing pantheon…’ Colonial Banality is Masha’s deconstruction of the imperialist culture and intolerance that surrounded her childhood.

About the artists

Born and raised in a mountainous region in the west of Buryatia, visual and performance artist Natalia Papaeva has been living and working in the Netherlands since 2013. Buryat-Mongolian oral tradition is central to her practice, helping her create poignant artworks that address such themes as loss and mourning, land and climate, language, racism, and identity. Drawing from her own memories and experiences, she creates performances, in which she combines singing, the spoken word, and storytelling.

Masha Krasnova-Shabaeva is a visual artist and illustrator, based in Rotterdam since 2009. She grew up in Ufa, the capital of  Bashkortostan – a region that became occupied by the Russian Empire in the 16th Century. She describes her practice as a crossover of fine art and illustration, working as both an editorial illustrator for international publishing houses and as an independent artist for galleries and museums. Since 2019 she teaches illustration at Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam, NL.