SUNDAY JULY 3, 2011 FROM 3 – 6 PM: Fukt Magazine, Manystuff, Onomatopee



Fukt Magazine, Berlin

Manystuff, Paris

Onomatopee, Eindhoven

Launch of Fukt Magazine # 10 by Björn Hegardt

Fukt Magazine is an annual magazine dedicated to contemporary drawing. It was established in Trondheim in 1999 and is based in Berlin since 2001. Artist and editor Björn Hegardt selects work from all over the world with a focus on drawing as an independent research and artistic practice.

Fukt is in constant transformation with all issues in a different size and layout, made by the designer Ariane Spanier.

The 10th issue of the magazine comprises works of 20 artists from 11 countries, as well as essays and interviews by 6 invited authors and curators.  Contributors FUKT #10:  Adam Dant, Nanne Meyer, D-L Alvarez, Steven Ketchum, Björn Hegardt, Ola Åstrand, Rinus Van de Velde, Daniel Zeller, Tegneklubben, Motoko Dobashi, Brendan Fernandes and many others.

Manystuff  by Charlotte Cheetham

‘Every morning I check Manystuff’ is the opening sentence of the popular blog on graphic design and related fields such as publishing, art, photography and architecture. Every day between 3,000 and 4,000 international visitors are guided along the selected designers and international events highlighted by Manystuff.

By (co) producing publications and curating exhibitions, Manystuff experimentally explores relevant issues in contemporary design.

Bookpresentation: Album – From Kunstkammers to Vanitas, a collaboration between Manystuff and Pierre Vanni, published by OMMU (Athens), that grew out of  the exhibition Kunstkammer, the Representation of an Amateur Wonder-room, presented by Manystuff at 12MAIL gallery in Paris, January 2011.

Onomatopee is a project space that aims at exposing the ethos of design culture through exhibitions, publications and debate. While exploring these formats, Onomatopee stimulates awareness and participation of professionals and the general public alike.

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