3 June 2011: Alauda Publications, From Me To You Publications and Groundmagazine

Friday 3 June 2011 at 8 pm (doors open at 7.30 pm):
Three young publishers present their work and talk about their positions in the field of publishing.

Alauda Publications presents Arnon Grunberg: Brieven aan Esther
In the period leading up to the publication of his first novel Blue Mondays (1994), Arnon Grunberg maintained a written correspondence with a ‘student’ named Esther. The letters reveal a glimpse of the young Grunberg in the process of inventing himself as a writer, with both the caustic intensity as well as the humour that characterises all his later work.

The new issue of Groundmagazine will be launched this evening. # 12 contains images by Mariken Wessels and texts by Basje Boer.
Mariken Wessels uses found footage, made into collages and complimented with her own pictures, to create installations or enigmatic books with a strong narrative structure.
This issue of Groundmagazine presents a series of new images by Wessels.
Creating her own vision on these pictures, Basje Boer wrote Monument, an accompanying text consisting of both prose and poetry which protagonist is a devoted actress, yearning for the flowers that Wessels’ images depict.
Two books by Mariken Wessels, Queen Ann. P.S. Belly cut off and Elisabeth – I want to eat, are published by Alauda Publications and available at PrintRoom’s shop.

From Me to You Publications by Maud Vande Veire presents: Selfrebuses and Thuiswerk.
Selfrebuses consists of three parts. The first part is a compendium of objects, gestures, body parts… that are associated with words (verbs). The second part of the book is an overview of black and white collages composed of elements found in the compendium.  A separate appendix that contains a Dutch translation of the compendium and the bibliographical data of the book divides these two parts.
Thuiswerk contains pictures made between 1978 and 2001 in the birthplace of Maud Vande Veire. In this book old family pictures are related to pictures of sculptures made in the same house in 2001.

more info:
Alauda Publications is an Amsterdam-based internationally operating publishing house, founded in 2009. The editorial board consists of Esther Krop (graphic designer) and Ingrid Commandeur (independent art critic/researcher).

Groundmagazine is an online bimonthly magazine that is fully dedicated to featuring new works from selected photographers / artists. Going beyond conventional methods of distribution and production, the magazine is free and available online. Groundmagazine is curated, edited and published by Mieke Woestenburg since 2006.

Maud Vande Veire founded From Me to You Publications in 2009. It functions as a platform for self-publishing. The printed artwork consists of artist books, periodicals and other printed material.

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