Sunday 11 September 2 – 6 pm :Something in the Air

In this exhibition PrintRoom presents a selection of projects of seven freshly graduated graphic design students.
The selection is an attempt to depict a possible future scenario for graphic design and to share ideas and concerns about the changes in this field. The presentation of the participants reflects the preoccupations and interests of the new generation of graphic designers and the way they are influenced by the current educational, cultural and political realities. Graduated from different schools in the Netherlands their diverse experiences contribute to the discussion on the impact and evolution of present education.

Daniël van der Velden –designer, writer, tutor at the Sandberg Institute in Amsterdam and critic at the Yale University School of Art in New Haven (US)– will pitch in the talk with his own expertise and involvement. This event is a way to encourage an exchange between the places where

graphic design is developed but it’s mainly an opportunity to meet people, share ideas and to learn about other people’s experiences. 

With: Janneke Smeets, Michèle Champagne, Cox & Grusenmeyer, Afra Klinkenberg, Daniel Rother and Eva Kinch Brøndsted.

The selection for this presentation was done by two international exchange students at the Willem de Kooning Academy and interns for PrintRoom in July: Lysiane Bollenbach and Sonia Dominguez (ESAD-Strasbourg/HEAD-Genève). They were also invited to do the design for the invite.

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