1.7.21 – 4.7.21: It is invisible what guides you along the way – poster launch Katarina Jazbec at Art Rotterdam

Poster Launch at Art Rotterdam! We printed and published film posters for and with Katarina Jazbec, who presents her film ‘You can’t Automate Me’ at the Prospects and Concepts section of the Mondrian Fund.

It is invisible what guides you along the way – (A3, riso poster, front and back side, 2021)

This riso poster, designed by Tessa Meeus and published by PrintRoom, gives an insight into The Handbook for Eyes, Bones, Muscles, Skin, and Dreams (2020), a collection of movement scores developed with Angeliki Diakrousi and made into booklets that were given to lashers. Responding to our increasingly automated bodies, the scores address all the workers of the Capitalocene as Haraway puts it nicely. The Handbook emerged from extensive research and desire to understand the experience of human and animal bodies in the harbour of Rotterdam, an engine of our economy, in an embodied manner. In the long period of exploring the harbour, Katarina Jazbec encountered lashers whose work came incredibly close to her research questions.

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