9.4.21 – 18.6.21: Meet PrintRoom’s new Publisher-in Residence!

We’re excited to introduce our Publisher-in-Residence Daniel Iglesias Gonzalez (Colombia), member of ‘El Corruptor’, a project that explores masculinity and how the male body is represented. Daniel will be in residence at PrintRoom from 9 April – 15 May 2021, during which time he will be working on an inaccurate facsimile of El Otro, the first gay magazine in Colombia, focused on the production of texts that reflect upon homosexuality in Colombia. Daniel will also produce Side Guys, a publication about the commodification of love, monogamy, and how the ‘marketing mentality’ affects the way we relate to each other. Daniel will be digging into PrintRoom’s archive for inspiration, and contribute to the archive by sharing his favourite publishers and some of his findings in relation to his work and experiences via PrintRoom’s Quarantine in the Archive mail project. 



Every Friday between 9 April-15 May, 13:00-17:00
Daniel will be present in the PrintRoom shop to work on his projects and answer your questions. He will also host weekly collage workshops including online sessions with his connections from Colombia. Following the tradition of the Colombian ‘onces’ (afternoon snack), Colombian coffee, chocolate and cookies will be present! If you would like to visit PrintRoom during those hours, please book your timeslot via http://www.calendly.com/printroom/. 


Friday 30 April, 13:00-14:00
Meet Daniel during a lunch in our garden and discuss your publishing work. Information on how to sign up to this event will follow soon. 

The Collage Colab 

Collage workshop with invited publishers and friends, from Colombia, the Netherlands and Belgium.  

More information will follow soon!

Daniel Iglesias Gonzalez’ (1988, Colombia) practice involves drawing, understood as a mindset that allows approaching the world that surrounds him. When he draws, he studies an object, a subject, or a topic, and the result of that reflection is a temporary thought expression in a visual form. With this, Daniel is trying to say that his drawings are not final pieces that condense an opinion or expression, but rather comment on ongoing thoughts drawn from his interest in masculinity, sexuality, desire, gender, nature and colonialism. 

As part of his practice, Daniel uses mediums like video, voice and text. The way he approaches those is heavily influenced by the mindset of someone who draws. When he has no idea what to do, he draws; when he has ideas, he draws them. 

El Corruptor is an art project that explores masculinity and how the male body is represented. We like men, we like to see men, draw them, taste them, and use them. After years of observation of the male body, we have learned about sexuality, gender, desire, class, race, nature and history. We understand, then, masculinity as a cluster of concepts that battles for the dominance of bodies, regardless of sex. Therefore, our role is to play with all these concepts to find what is possible to do with them. 

Originally initiated as an editorial project, El Corruptor works with drawings, illustrations, publications, animation, texts, and sound. The way these mediums are approached is heavily influenced by a drawing and collage mindset. Moreover, we only want to have fun, and pleasure is the original condition of all our projects. 

El Corruptor has worked with Daily life Storage, Oasis, Bulto and Queer Archive Institute Colombia. 

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