Friday 19 July, 4 – 8 pm | Utopia Nations Remix: A Zine Workshop by Hamja Ahsan in collaboration with Matt Plezier/ Mono Rhetoric

Utopia Nations Remix: A Zine Workshop 

The artist and writer Hamja Ahsan invites you to a zine-making workshop to invent your own nation. Drawing from ideas from his book Shy Radicals and the fictive nation of Asperigistan – a utopic nation-state for shy, quiet, awkward and autistic spectrum peoples.

How can a zine and collage remake a constitution, national emblems, and symbols?

Constitutions of the Netherlands will be remixed with constitutions from around the world. Power systems from everything from teen movies to anti-psychiatry to alternative rock will be investigated, deconstructed and remade.
Ahsan will draw from his 25 years of making, collecting, curating zine cultures and his recent work co-curating DIY Cultures to rethink about the current transnational Zine revival.
How can zines make us question systems of power, officialdom, the mainstream, and authority?

The workshops follows the event ‘Introvert Activism and the Resistful Unseen,’ with the presentation of the book ‘Shy Radicals’ by Hamja Ahsan.
Graphic designer and independent publisher Matt Plezier from Mono Rhetoric and Random Zine will join the workshop. He will contribute to the collaborative zine and assist the participants with design choices.
The zine will be printed on our risograph stencilmachine so each participants will leave with a copy.
The price for the workshop is 25 euro, which includes material, drinks and snacks.
The workshop is open for a max. of 10 people.
Please confirm your presence before Wednesday 17th of July by emailing

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