14 July 2019: Introvert Activism and the Resistful Unseen

Join us for an afternoon with book presentations, an invisible writing demonstration and a performance!

Sunday 14 July, 5pm – 8pm at PrintRoom

Cookbook of Invisible Writing by Amy Suo Wu

Shy Radicals by Hamja Ahsan

In reaction to Hamja Ahsan’s book, Amy Pickles will perform Ecstatic Speech, a polyvocal sound piece that aims to disrupt formal modes of expression through pre-literate means.

Cookbook of Invisible Writing

Written as a response to rampant digital surveillance and censorship, analogue secret communication is explored as a way to resist oppressive visibility and stay unseen in Amy Suo Wu’s Cookbook of Invisible Writing (Onomatopee, 2019). Her artistic research focuses on techniques of secret writing otherwise known as steganography. Used by intelligence agencies, spies, secret lovers, activists, marginalised communities and the like, steganography hides overt communication in plain sight. Amy Suo Wu reactivates these graphic camouflage techniques by exploring their overlooked potential to subvert advanced censorship and surveillance technologies, thereby extending printed paper´s radical potential to circulate freely and out of sight of digital monitoring.

Part colouring book, part cookbook and part puzzle book, Cookbook of Invisible Writing includes recipes for invisible ink,
as well as material to run workshops to inspire creative communication.

Shy Radicals

While some try to stay invisible, others struggle to achieve the exact opposite. We are therefore honoured to welcome Hamja Ahsan, commander in chief of the internationalist movement of the introvert and founder of the Shy People’s Republic of Aspergistan. Looking to overthrow extrovert supremacy Hamja Ahsan published Shy Radicals: The Antisystemic Politics of the Militant Introvert (Book Works, 2017). His militant movement is steadily growing: the book recently reached its third print run. In PrintRoom, Hamja Ahsan will place himself in the spotlight for the quiet and awkward. Wallflowers of the world unite!

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