19.04.19: Dubbeldruk, closing event of Copie Machine

Join us on Friday the 19th at PrintRoom for an evening of words spoken, written, recorded, printed, copied and copied yet again. We will spend the evening enjoying presentations and performances that deal with independent publishing and the word as a performative medium.

Doors open at 19.00 – the programme starts at 19.30

This is the final event of Copie Machine. This project has transformed PrintRoom into a free-for-all, free of charge, fully operating copy shop with contributions by over fifty artists.

G.J. de Rook is an artist, publisher and critic and will activate the copy machine once more to focus on ghost images: the images created when images or texts are – purposefully or by mistake – printed on top of each other. The printing of these double images opens up possibilities for conceptual layering and aesthetic indeterminacy.

Laura Morsch-Kihn organized Copie Machine together with Antoine Lefebvre and will present some of her other publishing projects. As a curator, art historian and artist-publisher she is focused on subculture and the aesthetics of the periphery. Among many things she is involved with the publishing projects such as The New Spirit of Vanvalism, Bleu Travail, REBEL REBEL zine and its related publishing residency and zine fair.

Ash Kilmartin and Collette Rayner will take the stage and present the book The Almanack of Breath (2018), which was printed at PrintRoom. Together they’ll read some stories from this small calendar-of-listening. The Almanack of Breath tells a tale of two demons collecting language that fills the air. The first a rag picker of language, hoarder of slurred chants mumbled by chanting monks and slips of the tongue chattered by gossiping women. The second more meticulous, carefully collecting all sounds heard with utmost attention. Day by day a library is created celebrating all vocal expression from uhh to oh! And sigh to laughter.

Tracy Hanna will perform She Knows How She Might Behave, an expanded work of poetry based on personal and imagined experience that merges painting, projections, sound, music and words written, spoken and sung. Tracy Hanna developed this work after winning the Hybrid Publishing Research Award, granted by the Willem de Kooning Academy for her outstanding thesis. The work is published as a vinyl + insert will be launched in PrintRoom during this event.

To conclude Copie Machine we will launch our new Parazine. This parasitic booklet uses other publications as their host, feeding off their distribution, hiding behind their appealing covers, and imposing uncalled-for encounters with unanticipated readers.

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