02.03 – 20.04 2019: Copie Machine, Temporary Photocopy Zone

From 2 March until 20 April PrintRoom transforms into a free-for-all, free of charge, fully operating copy shop. Take any of the contributed works by over sixty participants, place it on the glass screen, hit that big green button. place it on the glass screen, hit that big green button. All stationary is provided to duplicate and create self-copied constellations bound together in book form. Copie Machine is a project by Antoine Lefebvre (FR) and Laura Morsch-Kihn (FR) with contributions by over sixty Rotterdam-based and international artists.

Sara MacKillop (UK) presents her new artist book Publications 2008-2018 alongside a display of her self-published material produced during this ten-year period. We can also expect an intervention by Sara in our temporary copy shop.

Copie Machine kicks off with a performative presentation of Copy This Book by Eric Schrijver.

16.00 -18.00 Presentations by Sara MacKillop, Antoine Lefebvre and Eric Schrijver

20.00 – 1.00 Copie Machine – hit that green button!
Part of the Museumnacht010 programme.

Copie Machine, Temporary Photocopy Zone runs from 2 March – 13 April 2019.

More information:

With Copie Machine, Antoine Lefebvre and Laura Morsch-Kihn call for a copy-left paper jam. In this temporary autonomous zone exclusive ownership is replaced by freedom of use, transformation and distribution under the Free Art License. The photocopier functions as a subversive tool inviting the viewer to become user, author and publisher; its formal office esthetics is just a cover-up. During the time of the exhibition we’ll create a publication with Antoine Lefebvre, Laura Morsch-Kihnn and contributors to the project.

In tandem with Copie Machine Sara MacKillop will show playful and minimalistic works in which office equipment features as key component. Ballpoint pens, envelopes and Post-its form elements within her practice that can be arranged and rearranged into prints, publications and minimalist interventions such as Pencil Fence. By using mundane imagery and appropriating corporate identities she seamlessly blends art and the everyday, for example in her better known bootleg IKEA-catalogues.

Self-publishing is a key element within MacKillop’s practice, therefore a number of her publications will be on display besides some minimalist interventions.

Furthermore Eric Schrijver will do a performative lecture introducing the topic of copyright. His Copy This Book – An artist’s guide to copyright was recently published at Onomatopee, Eindhoven; critical as well as practical, Copy This Book invites its readers to take part in its redistribution.

Contributions by:

Kate Briggs, Arnaud Desjardin, El Corruptor, Wil van Iersel, gerlach en koop, Iratxe Jaio and Klaas van Gorkum, Gloria Glitzer, Sara Mackillop, Nicole Martens, Stefan Marx, Cengiz Mengüç, Mark Pawson, Just Quist, Temporary Services, Thomas Walkaar, Erik van der Weijde, Ian Whittlesea,
AGV, Anonyme, Atelier 17 17, Lisa Anne Auerbach, Pierre Belouin & François Coadou, Natalia Bobadilla, Leszek Brogowski & Aurélie Noury, Camille Carbonaro, Aymeric Chaslerie, Alex Chevalier, Rodolphe Cobetto-Caravanes, Sylvain Couzinet-Jacques, Nicolas Daubanes, Dominique De Beir, Demi Tour De France, Barbara Denis-Morel, Nil Dinç, Damien Dion, Sophia Djitli, Nico Dockx, documentation céline duval, Vanessa Dziuba, Arnaud Elfort, Expo-serPublier, Ryan Foerster, Anne Valérie Gasc, Misha Golebska, Mattias Gunnarson, Charlotte Hubert, Farah Khelil, P. Nicolas Ledoux, Cary Loren, Laurent Marissal, Pat McCarthy, Ghislain Mollet-Viéville, Antoine Moreau, Omnivorous Persona, Andrée Ospina, Pierre et Gilles, Océane Ragoucy, Julie Redon, Jean-François Robic, Lucie Rocher, Benjamin Sabatier, SAEIO, Cédric Schonwald, Catherine Schwartz, Seitoung, Marie Sochor, Sun7 (Marie Glasser, Mattéo Tang, Carine Klonowski), Melchior Tersen, Mathieu Tremblin, Dennis Tyfus, Eric Watier, Werker, Nayel Zeaiter, Fabio Zimbres

Copie Machine is a production of the Edith research team from the Esadhar, Rouen.

The copy machine of Copie Machine is generously sponsored by Ophuysen, Rotterdam.


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