Saturday 18 February 2017: Plots and Improvised Doorways

Emma Bennett & Holly Pester & PrintRoom invite you to an afternoon of willful tales linking archive fragments, body parts and furniture.

From 5 – 8 pm at PrintRoom

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Plots and Improvised Doorways by Emma Bennett and Holly Pester

Holly Pester is a poet working through archives and written histories, with gossip, radical storying and dream logic. Her book, go to reception and ask for Sara in red felt tip is a collection of archive fan-fiction (Book Works 2015) and her album, Common Rest (Test Centre 2016) is a collection of collaborative lullabies and sound poems.

Emma Bennett is a performance artist and theorist of joking. She has recently finished a PhD on speech, work, stubbornness and longing. For her most recent performance What Matter (created for Hubbub at Wellcome Collection, 2016) she brought all her soft furnishings onto the stage.

Holly and Emma are also guest tutors at “Speech Commands”, a writing programme at Piet Zwart, hosted by Kate Briggs and Steve Rushton.



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