5 & 6 February 2016 Workshops and lecture: String Figures and Paper Plane Publishing by Philip Noble

In the frame of SMITHSONIANA, our program during the International Film Festival Rotterdam, we organise a series of workshops in the spirit of the extraordinary collections of Harry Smith.

Email us if you would like to participate. Workshops and lecture are free.

String Figures, lecture 5 February 2 pm:
Philip Noble presents a history and culture of string figures from around the world and illustrates this with many examples of string figures and some stories of the amazing people who went out of their way to collect these. At the end of the session the audience will be taught one or two simple string games.
The lecture is open for the public.

String Figures: workshop 4 – 6 pm (limited public access):
A detailed workshop on how to make string figures, centred on string stories and teaching slightly more complex games.
This session will end with giant string figures made co-operatively as a group.

Paper Plane Publishing workshop (limited public access), 6 February 2 – 4 pm:
Philip Noble demonstrates different planes and then each person will be taught how to fold three planes: one dart shape, one glider, and one boomerang.
The event is accessible to anyone from 8 years upwards.
We’ll find a high place for testing the airplanes and release them.

 Philip Noble has degrees in Science, Divinity and is ordained into Christian ministry.
In 1978 Philip co-founded the International String Figures Association with Dr Hiroshi Noguchi of Waseda University in Japan. Since then Philip has travelled widely teaching and collecting string figures, written two books on the subject and in 2008 worked with Audi cars in 2008 to produce a TV commercial of a car made out of string games.

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