Friday 29 January 2016: *Smithsoniana* *The Flip Collection VI* *Launch of Erigone’s Daughter by Lewis Klahr*

Opening 29 January, 5 – 7 pm

Catalogue Raisonné, From the Collections of Harry Smith, Paper Airplanes and String Figures
Exhibition of photographs by Jason Fulford and workshops to celebrate the newly published books on the singular collections of Harry Smith, legendary filmmaker, painter and ethnomusicologist (1923 – 1991)
Published by J & L Books and Anthology Film Archives, 2015

~ The Flip Collection VI
PrintRoom’s international and growing collection of flipbooks by artists
~Launch of Erigone’s Daughter, a flipbook by Lewis Klahr (US), PrintRoom publication #15, co-published with Knust (NL)

~Signing session by Lewis Klahr at Lantaren Venster at 6.45 pm previous to the first festival screening of Klahr’s film Sixty Six, which starts at 7.15 at Lantaren Venster 6.  Tickets through the festival website

~The documentary AMERICAN MAGUS – HARRY SMITH by Paola Igliori will be screened during opening hours.

~Workshops and lecture on Thursday 4, Friday 5 and Saturday 6 February by Tomas Schats and Philip Noble

Presentation dates: 28 January – 5 March 2016
During the festival PrintRoom is open every day from 12 to 6 pm



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Filmmaker, painter, anthropologist, musicologist and occultist–Harry Smith (1923-1991) was an incomparable polymath and seminal figure in the realms of beat culture and avant-garde art. Smith’s kaleidoscopic experimental films have influenced generations of artists and cinephiles, while his landmark three-volume compilation, the Anthology of American Folk Music (1952), laid the foundation for the folk music revival of the 1950s and 1960s. In addition to his ecstatic artwork, Smith is renowned for his vast collections of curious objects. The Collections of Harry Smith, Catalogue Raisonné series spotlights and indexes his eclectic research obsessions.

Volume one features richly detailed photographic documentation of 251 paper airplanes gathered by Smith from the streets of New York City over an approximately 20-year period. Whimsical and weird, the paper airplanes rank among Smith’s most mysterious collecting pursuits. This extensive compendium presents the fruits of his extraordinary aeronautic pursuit and highlights the tangled history and myths that accompany them.

Volume two of The Collections of Harry Smith focuses on Smith’s erudite study of string figures, an age-old form of spiritual and recreational play that he passionately chronicled in multiple mediums. This immersive volume contains photographs of the extant mounted string figures created by Smith alongside interviews, film stills and selections from his unpublished anthropological research. Additional contextual materials include an introductory essay and a conversation between musician, photographer and filmmaker John Cohen, a longtime colleague of Smith, and painter Terry Winters.

Lectures and Workshops! 

Flipbook animation by Tomas Schats (NL), 4 February, 7 – 9.30 pm
In this workshop you are going to make a small narrative flipbook.
The essence of the workshop is conceptualizing a small story, which can be told in only 5 to 10 seconds using just a fine-liner and a pile of paper.

Tomas Schats makes clear line animations and drawings from which everything superfluous has been omitted. They are miniatures created in pencil and displayed against a blindingly clean and white background. The narratives he tells are layered and occasionally take unexpected turns. They tell stories about humankind, with all its possibilities and limitations.

String Figures, lecture 5 February 2 pm:
Philip Noble presents a history and culture of string figures from around the world and illustrates this with many examples of string figures and some stories of the amazing people who went out of their way to collect these. At the end of the session the audience will be taught one or two simple string games.
The lecture is open for the public.

String Figures: workshop 4 – 6 pm (limited public access):
A detailed workshop on how to make string figures, centred on string stories and teaching slightly more complex games.
This session will end with giant string figures made co-operatively as a group.

Paper Plane Publishing workshop (limited public access), 6 February 2 – 4 pm:
Philip Noble demonstrates different planes and then each person will be taught how to fold three planes: one dart shape, one glider, and one boomerang.
The event is accessible to anyone from 8 years upwards.
We’ll find a high place for testing the airplanes and release them.

 Philip Noble has degrees in Science, Divinity and is ordained into Christian ministry.
In 1978 Philip co-founded the International String Figures Association with Dr Hiroshi Noguchi of Waseda University in Japan. Since then Philip has travelled widely teaching and collecting string figures, written two books on the subject and in 2008 worked with Audi cars in 2008 to produce a TV commercial of a car made out of string games.


Erigone’s Daughter, a flipbook by Lewis Klahr (US), PrintRoom publication #15, co-published with Knust (NL)

Lewis Klahr, called “the reigning proponent of cut and paste” by The Village Voice, is known for his uniquely idiosyncratic collage films and cut-out animations. His animations’ elliptical tales of sunshine noir and classic Greek mythology are inhabited by comic book super heroes and characters from Portuguese photo romans who wander through mid century modernist Los Angeles architectural photographs and landscapes from period magazines.

The Flip Collection VI

A flipbook (also called thumb cinema) is a booklet that, for a short moment, becomes a film.

Contributions by: Ghenadie Popescu (MD), Maike Hemmers (DE/NL), Gözde Türkkan | Mimiko (TR), Georg Traber CH), Elena Gilbert (US/DE), Rachel Sender (ES/NL), Antje Van Wichelen (BE), Lawrence-Olivier Mahadoo (US/FR), Han Hoogerbrugge (NL), Sarah Vanagt (BE) & Katrien Vermeire (BE), Masha Krasnova-Shabaeva (NL/RU), Esther Urlus (NL), Bas Fontein (NL), Gloria Glitzer (DE), Quinten Swagerman (NL), Scott Blake (US), Ricardo Leal Gomes (PT), Roger Bygott (UK), Alice Rice (US), Jenny Suhonen (FI), Loes Verstappen (NL), Ernesto Morales (MX), Terhi Ekebom (FI), Andre Pielage (NL), Jenni Rope (FI), Mariana Zanetti (BR), Kati Rapia (FI), Samuli Otto-Henrik Saarinen (FI), Anne Roecklein (US), Marieke Verbiesen (NL/SE), Derek Parker (US), Lise Duclaux (BE), Jan Voss (DE/NL), Com Amoras (PT), Maurizio Montalti (IT), Tomas Schats (NL), Michael Leigh (UK), Guilia Garbin (IT/UK), Anneke Nieuwdorp (NL), Armelle Caron (FR), Paulina del Paso (MX), Margarida Fernandes and Sofia Magalhães (PT), Team Zatara (ES), Katrien Zintzen (NL), Wil van Iersel (NL), Wouter Venema (NL), Martha Colburn (US/NL), Joris Lindhout and Maaike Gouwenberg (NL), Ines Schaber (DE), David Kühne (DE), Jessica Tankard ((US/NL), Corinne Janier (FR), Kamaya Lindquist (US), Rania Ho (US/CN), Jeanne van Heeswijk (NL), Francien van Everdingen (NL), Marjolijn Kok (NL), Antje van Wichelen (BE), Fiet van de Vijsel (NL), Bea van Golen (NL), Joost Stokhof (NL), Stefan Klein (DE), Kim Hospers (NL), Daphne Bom (ZA/NL), Michiel van Bakel (NL), Genevieve Hergott (FR), Akshara Verma(IN), Federico Antonini and Alessio D’Ellena (IT), Kathrin Wolkowicz (NL/DE), Primal (MX), Cetrucflotte (FR), Maia Gusberti (AU), Freerk Wilbers (NL), Dejan Habicht (SI), Tadej Pogačar (SI), Seripop: Chloe Lum & Yannick Desranleau (CA), Uta Eisenreich  (NL), Sayaka Abe (NL/JP), Lea Dahan (FR/BE), among others.



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