Plasma Freeze by Daphne Simons & Josie Perry

PLASMA FREEZE by Daphne Simons & Josie Perry €15,00

PLASMA FREEZE: Salon at the Centre of the Earth (2021)
Daphne Simons & Josie Perry

In this episode of PLASMA FREEZE, the infamous Pauline takes a psychedelic escape from her life as a Tudor foot-stylist in the 1500’s, hiding out amongst a secret subterranean poodle community and organising the party of the millenia.

Set in a Genevan record store in 2004, PLASMA FREEZE: Making Friends (2020) is a fast-paced trip through hi-fi and sci-fi, featuring a teenage sweat-extraction plot, a rebellious worker trapped by a hair-care regime, and a food-themed cast of tribute artists, led by Celine Dijon. A prequel to the comic PLASMA SPRING (2019), it offers a glimpse into the past of the mysterious ambivillain Pauline, before she winds up in the sleepy town of Beetsterzwaag to stir things up for Dutch film icon Rutger Hauer.

Limited edition riso-printed comic, A4

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