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13 to 16 October – Printed Matter’s NY Art Book Fair

From 13 to 16 October we joined Printed Matter’s NY Art Book Fair. It was inspiring to meet with so many artist publishers again, and attend the talks and presentations. A big thank you to Printed Matter’s staff for making it happen.

We will soon announce a date to share our experiences and to celebrate our picks (two suitcases full of books) with you in Rotterdam. Expect presentations by fair exhibitors about their new publications, which will be added to PrintRoom’s growing archive The Living Collection.

21 September – Touch By Touch with Czar Kristoff

Touch By Touch

An evening with Czar Kristoff

Wednesday, 21 September 2022
PrintRoom, Schietbaanstraat 17, Rotterdam

In this gathering, Publisher-in-Residence Czar Kristoff (PHL) will talk about traces of past memories found in the Netherlands. From parks, to biking, to images, to feelings, to flavour, to gestures, (re)collected. 

Expect warm Ginataang Bilo-bilo, film screenings, banderitas-making from scrap paper, and fake sunsets. You’re kindly invited!

More information:
Czar Kristoff (Camarines Sur, Capricorn Earth Snake) is an artist, educator, designer and publisher, interested in (re)construction of space and memory, through concepts of nesting and temporary architecture, for (pedagogical) occupation, using cottage industry publishing—blueprints, xerox, and other low-fidelity printing methods—as his current media of interest. He is a Foam Talent 2022 and part of To Be Determined Trojan Horse Cell (together with Alfred Marasigan, Clara Balaguer and Isola Tong), a collective that will orbit the threshold of three institutions engaged with practices of archiving: PrintRoom, Het Nieuwe Instituut, and Page Not Found.

We would like to thank Het Nieuwe Instituut for making this residency possible.

On Tuesday 26 September, To Be Determined Trojan Horse Cell will present their collective work at HNI. 

4 September – Publisher-in-Residence Czar Kristoff

Meet our new Publisher-in-Residence!

Czar Kristoff (PHL)

Sunday 4 September 2022
PrintRoom, Schietbaanstraat 17, Rotterdam

We will start the afternoon with a Book Lunch with invited publishers. All guests will bring books to the table to feed the conversation. Participants will be Bebe Books from Ghent (Publisher-in-Residence in November), Ruohong Wu and Jose Quintanar / Ruja Press, Pernilla Ellens / Blitz Books, Clara Balaguer, Hannah Dawn Henderson, among others.

At 14:00 you are invited for drinks and a Show And Tell by Czar Kristoff. 

More information:

Czar Kristoff is an artist, educator, designer and publisher, interested in (re)construction of space and memory, using cottage industry publishing—blueprints, xerox, and other low-fidelity printing methods—as his current media of interest. He is a Foam Talent 2022 and part of To Be Determined Trojan Horse Cell (together with Alfred Marasigan, Clara Balaguer and Isola Tong), a collective that will orbit the threshold of three institutions engaged with practices of archiving: 
PrintRoom, Het Nieuwe Instituut, and Page Not Found. 

We would like to thank Het Nieuwe Instituut for making this residency possible.

27 August – Book Launch:  Spira Mirabilis And Other Spiral Patterns

Saturday 27 August 2022
Gallery Caroline O’Breen, Hazenstraat 54, Amsterdam

Spira Mirabilis And Other Spiral Patterns is a new book about an ingenious spiral pattern found in natural environments and beings, such as snales and shells. Spira mirabilis has inspired artists and architects because of its enigmatic shape. The Riso printed publication combines colourful graphics, mathematical drawings, text, and more. The publication was produced during a short work period at our Riso workshop space last June. Published by PrintRoom.

The launch takes place during the finissage of Maura Biava’s exhibition Nature * Patterns at Gallery Caroline O’Breen, which also holds work by Emily Joyce.

17 July – Books Are Bridges Art Book Fest

Sunday 17 July 2022

at the clubhouse of Streven naar Verbetering
Roel Langerakweg 33, 3041 JK Rotterdam

A playful Art Book Fest with over 25 international and local artist publishers, who present their new work and that of others at the site of the community gardens in Rotterdam-West. 

Join us for book tables, talks, music and workshops!

With: Alauda Publications, Amy Suo Wu, Anahi Saravia Herrera, antoine lefebvre editions, backbonebooks, Chantal Garduño, Fucking Good Art, Futura Resistenza, Gloria Glitzer, Happy Potato Press, Jesse Presse, Johan Kleinjan, Knust / Extrapool, MonoRhetorik, No Libros, O Book Publisher, Onomatopee, OOMK, Other Forms, Pantofle Books, PrintRoom, Ruja Press, Sarmad Magazine, Sergej Vutuc, Temporary Services, Terry Bleu, Teuntje Fleur, The Eriskay Connection, The Nose, Valiz and more!

+ Workshop paper-making by Marieke de Hoop
+ Lecture by Esther Krop
+ Music by Futura Resistenza and Cengiz Mengüç
+ Zine making with receipt printers by Florian Cramer
+ Soup for Ukraine by Yuliya Gwilym / Yufrukt

Logo by José Quintanar (Ruja Press). 

The Books Are Bridges Art Book Fest is organized within the scope of the Books Are Bridges Summit – a small-scale gathering for artist publishers with space for connection, exchange of ideas and DIY workshops, spread across locations in Rotterdam: from the gardens to the docks. 

From 15 to 17 July 2022, participants of the summit will reflect on collective practices and future models of gathering around publishing and zine making. How do we grow our roots, nourish the community, and host a wider public?

The summit also includes a walk by artist Isolde Venrooy, a conversation on publishing and waste with Temporary Services, ARTZINES exchange with Antoine Lefebvre, editorial and printing sessions at our riso workshop space with various publishers, a lunch talk by Alan Smart, and conversations with, amongst others, Bia Bittencourt, Erica Overmeer, Chantal Garduño, Paul John (remotely), and Ann-Kristin Stølan (remotely).

Developed by PrintRoom (Karin de Jong and team) in collaboration with Eleanor Vonne Brown. The title Books Are Bridges is inspired by the publishing practice of Claudia de la Torre. Logo by José Quintanar (Ruja Press). Poster design by Dongyoung Lee.

2 July 2022 – BooXtravaganza! Launch of new publications by Juliette Gilson and Cengiz Mengüc & Clara Balaguer

17.30 Artist talks
There will be drinks and food. Please join us!

PrintRoom, Schietbaanstraat 17, Rotterdam

The Third Landscape
by Juliette Gilson

The Third Landscape is the tangible result of Juliette Gilson’s experiment-driven research project that took place from May 2021 to April 2022. The project emerged from an interest in the port-city of Rotterdam – its landscape and built environment, its roads and omnipresent traffic, trucks, containers, gas stations, parking lots and warehouses. Through urban investigations of transitional spaces, between port and city, transformations of an ever-changing part of society are recorded. Walking and writing are used as a cognitive method that informs and triggers new processes of thinking, researching, making and communicating. Walking means being immersed, drenched in the present condition amongst surrounding elements, through which temporal realities and new narratives are being revealed. 
The publication includes contributions by Bart de Baets, René Boer, marjolijn kok and Nino Maissouradze.

Vernacular Design Horoscope Reading
by Cengiz Mengüç and Clara Balaguer 

FREE BONUS! Homework Streetfolder

Your Company Name presents a one-afternoon-only event…
Half a year after the sidewalk take-away walk-by release of… 
2022 Calendar of Leaked Research*…

Clara Balaguer and Cengiz Mengüç will discuss their research home/streetwork in a month-to-month format, speculating modest destinies for design psychonauts interested in diskarte, ch0ss3l r3cl4me, radical inkjet, phoenix design, default fonts, PDF RIP deals, and more. There may also be YouTube DJ sessions, but we are not sure yet.

*2022 CoLR contains residue from an ongoing investigation into vernacular design culture as it manifests on the streets of Rotterdam and as it links to other design cultures in the elsewhere. The corporate giveaway template (calendar) is considered a valid research surface. Throughout 2021, Mengüç and Balaguer—under the temporary handle Your Company Name—have used casual of field work methodologies to amass qualitative data: long walks documented by smartphone, Whatsapp image dumps, take-away-fueled conversations logged on Etherpad, and chilling IRL and on Zoom.

18 June 2022 – Riso, Miso & Repair with Erika Hirose and Bronwen Jones during Museumnacht010

Saturday 18 June 2022, start 19.00 
19.00-20.00 – Artist talks
20.30 – Making miso from bread, with Erika Hirose
21.30 – Workshop textile repair, with Bronwen Jones
Ongoing – Miso tasting, garment repair, DIY notebook making with leftover printing material from our riso workshop space

During Museumnacht010, PrintRoom presents two new publications: Making Miso by Erika Hirose and Clothing Correspondence by Bronwen Jones. 

Making Miso is a diary about traveling, memory, loss, and making miso for a living. As with the flavors of miso, emotions become milder with time. Published by Twofold, in partnership with PrintRoom.

Make your own miso with The Bread Miso Making Kit developed by Erika Hirose! You only need to bring 100 grams of leftover bread — like plain white rolls, brown bread, sourdough, or bagels.

Clothing Correspondence reveals the many layers of stories that are soaked up by textile. Through her work, Bronwen Jones explores the relationship between bodies and garments — the stories held in their creases and the traces they leave in one another. 

Bring your damaged garments to be repaired, in exchange for an intimate conversation around care, labor and repair!