Friday, 29 September: Book Nomad / abC (art book in China) at PrintRoom

Book Nomad, a traveling selection of books by abC (art book in China) Art Book Fair and other contributors, is visiting PrintRoom.

Friday 29 September, 19:00-21:00
Book presentation, drinks and bites

Book Nomad was launched during the 7th abC Art Book Fair (Shanghai, February 2023) under the theme Nomadic and Imagined. The project explores the possibilities of independent publishing and distribution through self-practice with the intention “to bring cutting-edge, independent art publications from China, and other countries and regions to global readers in a curated manner.”

The project consists of a collection of art publications with a focus on ‘Asianness’. These are sent via post to their next caretakers (publishers, art book shops and art book fairs), who in turn are asked to contribute by adding a selection of their choice to the bundle.
On Friday, the 29th of September, 2023 the traveling collection will be at Printroom. You are welcome to browse the books! They will be on display untill Sunday, the 7th of October, before heading off to Vienna.

Printroom’s selection for ‘Book Nomad’ features: 

* Making Miso by Erika Hirose
* A Cookbook of Invisible writing by Amy Su Wu
* by Ruohong Wu
* Virus Cookbook by Pei-Ying Lin
* NETbook 4: Paper by Marieke de Hoop, Sooji Kim, Esther Krop, Minna Henriksson, among others

Book Nomad’s previous stops include: abCABF (Beijing), pon ding (Taipei), Temporary Unit (Singapore), BKKABF (Bangkok), KL Art Book Fair (Kuala Lumpur), abcABF (Sanghai), Commerce Commerce (Milan), JBE BOOKS (Paris) and einbuch.Haus (Berlin).

left: abC Art Book Fair (Shanghai) 2023
right: The Book Nomad collection, waiting to be unboxed at Printroom

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