9 July 2023: The Fabulous Books are Bridges Art Book Fair returns to S.N.V. community gardens!

The Fabulous Books Are Bridges Art Book Fest returns to SNV community gardens on

Sunday 9 July 2023 from 12.00 – 17.00

Roel Langerakweg 33, 3041 JK Rotterdam

Join our Fabulous Art Book Fest with over 30 international and local artist publishers, who present their latest publications at the Clubhouse of SNV community gardens in Rotterdam-West.

With: antoine lefebvre editions /Art Zines / Hon Books (Paris), Artists in Solidarity (Rotterdam), Beatrix Pang/ Zine Coop/ Small tune press (Hong Kong), Bebebooks (Gent), Bur-Rose (The Hague), Colorama (Berlin), Eleanor Vonne Brown / The Nose (Walton on the Naze),  F.G.A.(Rotterdam), Futura Resistenza (Rotterdam/Brussels), Gloria Glitzer (Berlin), Good Neighbour (Amsterdam), Heiba Lamara /OOMK (London), Jap Sam Books (Prinsenbeek), Jesse Presse (Amsterdam), Knust (Nijmegen), Limestone Books (Maastricht), Lu Lin / Not just a collective (Arnhem), Mono Rhetoric (The Hague), Nazir Fadzilah/ SVARA art journal/ Tintabudi Bookshop (Kuala Lumpur), Onomatopee (Eindhoven), Other Forms Berlin/Chicago, Pei-Ying Lin (Taiwan/Eindhoven), PrintRoom (Rotterdam), Priya Jay /iniva / STUART(London), Roots to Fruits (Arnhem), Rose Nordin / STUART/Rabbits Road Press (London), Sarmad Magazine (Rotterdam), Stefanie Leinhos (Leipzig), Tender Hand Press (Glasgow), Teuntje Fleur (Schiedam), The Eriskay Connection (Breda), This was a project… (Rotterdam), Unformed Informed (Rotterdam), Valiz (Amsterdam) and more

on the program:

13.00 – 15.00 Print the Garden workshop by PrintRoom and gardeners

14.00 – Dutch launch of NETbook Walton Flax Exchange with Shane Waltener + workshop

15.00 – Virus cookbook presentation by Pei-Ying Lin “Virophilia: The 2070 revised edition of the Postnatural Cookbook” & tasting of some of the recipes prepared by CHAxARTxRTM

16.00 – Workshop by Martin Laroche/ Good Neighbour: ‘ I remember’

+ All afternoon: Artists in Solidarity will serve snacks and sell artist editions. The proceeds will go to the victims of the earthquake in Turkey and Syria.

+ All afternoon: Music by Lucija Gregov, Cengiz Menguç and Futura Resistenza

Books are Bridges Art Book Fest 2022

The Fabulous Books Are Bridges Art Book Fest is part of the second Books Are Bridges Publishing Summit, which brings together and links international and local publishing platforms to exchange ideas and strengthen the support structures that we build to create a publishing community.

What models do we use to gather around publishing and zine-making and what do we wish to develop in the coming years? How can we (continue to) provide space and attention for not-so-loud voices? Together we will reflect on how to maintain and grow our networks and care for ourselves, so that we can continue to nourish our communities. Three days to share time and care: to think, make and play together during workshops, shared meals, presentations, conversations, and a Fabulous Art Book Fest.

The Books Are Bridges Publishing Summit is developed by PrintRoom (Karin de Jong and team) in collaboration with Rose Nordin and Eleanor Vonne Brown. The title Books Are Bridges is inspired by the publishing practice of Claudia de la Torre. The logo is designed by José Quintanar. The flyer, poster and booklet are designed by Dongyoung Lee.

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