9 December 2022 – Bebe Books: Finale

19.00 – 22.00


Of Bebe Books’ residency at PrintRoom

We are delighted to launch Bebe’s 2023 Calendar by Cheng-Hsu Chung, accompanied by a nasty playlist curated by A.nushka. Mark your name in our special FINALE-copy and we’ll send you a dazzling surprise on your birthday.

Bebe Books, founded by Mert Sen and Ruud Van Moorleghem, creates queer spaces across many countries, by organizing and curating LGBTQ+-friendly events and supporting promising artists and collectives. In this spirit, we celebrate the Finale with more Insiders and Outsiders:

+ Tuyen Le and Noam Younrak Son will present their Toilet Zine.

+ Artist talk by YinYin Wong.

+ Pernilla Ellens will showcase her book, About series #12: The Ritual, published by Gloria Glitzer, accompanied by RISO printed posters and free stickers.

+ Amy Suo Wu will activate the Serenity Department Webshop! 

+++ Make your own origami Penguin with the Bebe’s +++

For more information, see below:

Cheng-Hsu is a Taiwanese animation artist and director based in Berlin. Chung’s practice focuses on using bizarre images and character performances in animation to articulate the changing nature of emotion, erotic relationships, and the experiences queer bodies encounter in today’s queer culture. 
The Calendar is riso printed at PrintRoom during the Bebebooks Residency.

Tuyen Le and Noam Younrak Son’s The Toilet Zine talks about how gender norms offer comfort to those who fit in the given stalls, but it is also time to start queering our predicaments on design and architecture – starting with the toilet!

YinYin Wong is a designer, artist, educator and publisher. Their practice revolves around dissemination, circulation, agency, and access to art through publishing, public interventions, and graphic design. Most recently, their practice investigates and dwells on juxtapositions between the art canon that they inherited from their education in The Netherlands and their experience of marginalization from a Southeast Asian diasporic perspective.

With a critical view, Pernilla Ellens’s practice places footnotes on our existing systems and gives space to the autonomous and the subversive. About series #12: The Ritual is an artwork in book form, made in one week with the Berlin artbook publishing house Gloria Glitzer in September last year. The Ritual is about submitting to sensuality in a primordial, pristine, perhaps pagan way. Pernilla is dedicated to freeing the body from myths of purity. 

The Serenity Department is a collaborative intergenerational mending project between mother, Maria Ling Qing Huang, who lives in Sydney and Daughter, Amy Suo Wu, in Rotterdam. Their eponymous label makes bags and accessories with upcycled material. All proceeds of the label go to Maria’s retirement fund, so that she might come to know serenity in the near future.

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