24 November – PrintRoom’s Picks from Printed Matter’s NY Art Book Fair

with Colorama and Werkplaats Typografie

Thursday 24 November 2022

After three years, PrintRoom was delighted to once again join Printed Matter’s NY Art Book Fair this last October.

We’re eager to share this year’s haul featuring presentations by some of the fair’s exhibitors: publisher Johanna Maierski of Colorama (Berlin, DE) and participants of Werkplaats Typografie (Arnhem, NL)

Johanna Maierski will present 
Gritli – The Moth Diaries I&II by Sophie Florian and Hanako Emden
Portrait of the Artist as a Writer by Stefanie Leinhos
Down Memory Lane by Nygel Panasco
and Clubhouse 17

The presentation will have a focus on genre-bending, the international community that Colorama is fondly connected with and sharing resources.

Colorama is a riso printing studio and art press based in Berlin. It has been run by Johanna Maierski since 2015. Colorama’s publications and exhibitions present contemporary artists in the field of experimental comics and artists’ books, as well as projects that explore speculative forms of narration, collective narration and alternative knowledge production.

Colorama understands publishing and printing as an artistic, collaborative practice and a democratic tool to participate in cultural and political discourses. Colorama understands themself as part of a wider community of publishers and printers that believe in para-institutional learning, equity and autonomy.

Werkplaats Typografie will talk about the shop Kardesler Groente & Fruit 2 that they presented at Printed Matter’s NY Art Book Fair 2022.

The shop is established based on the compression, transfer and decompression of Kardesler Groente & Fruit, a fruit & vegetable shop located in Amsterdam West. As a common place of interaction, trading goods and stories, daily encounters and small gestures, this shop blends in seamlessly within the neighborhood. By researching and embodying the context of the physical market as a stage, Kardesler Groente & Fruit 2 presented a hyperreality of embedded storytelling, with a focus on the commonly overlooked quotidian qualities of the omnipresent fruit & vegetable shop.

Kardesler Groente & Fruit 2 is a project instigated by Oriol Cabarrocas, Philipp Hesselberger, Seokyung Kim & Sixin Chen, with contributions of Werkplaats Typografie Year 23 & 22. 

Our Haul // Books by:

Sming Sming Books, Printed Matter, Kameelah Janan Rasheed, Sally Alatalo, Unity Press, Jeffrey Cheung, Soberscove Press, Gloria Glitzer, Heather Benjamin, The Everyday Press, Childish Books, Shifter, Interference Archive, Homie House Press, Coloured Publishing, Primary Information, New Documents, Book Works, Thick Press, Terry Bleu, Happy Potato Press, Temporary Services, Gato Negro, Other Forms, Stefan Marx, Water with Water, Draw Down, Edition Taube, Paul Shortt, Domain, Prem Krishnamurthy, Colour Code, Further Reading, Knust /Extrapool, Dale Edwin Wittig, Roma Publications, Michalis Pichler, After 8 Books, Spector Books, Breakdown Break Down Press, RESEARCH AND DESTROY NY CITY, Inventory Press, My Comrade Magazine, Onomatopee a.o.

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