6 & November: PrintRoom @ Zinecamp – zine table and screening of ‘The Lost Record’ by Ian Svenonius and Alexandra Cabral

Zine Camp at WORM focuses on the tools needed to create, publish and reflect on zines.

PrintRoom joins with a table of zines on the 6th and a screening of The Lost Record, by Ian Svenonius and Alexandra Cabral. The Lost Record is a sci-fi rock ‘n’ roll essay fantasy film about art, music, fetish, creation, love, & records. 

It explores people’s relationships to inanimate objects and the power they invest said objects with, whether it be political, cultural, sentimental, sexual, or monetary. The Lost Record examines the idea that a piece of art could act as a catalyst to transform the world in a revolutionary sense, and the effect popularity has on the meaning or value that people place on art. It examines the capacity for artwork to be an avatar for its maker or owner and also for an artwork to become a Frankenstein or golem, which its creator can lose control of.

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