20.11.20: Launch of 15 03 20 and Opening of PrintRoom’s Temporary Take-Away

19.00 – 20.00 at Leeszaal, Rijnhoutplein 3

15 03 20 is the first publication of Notes on Hapticity Collective, published by PrintRoom. There will be an introductory talk by Karolina Rupp and Hannah Dawn Henderson, as well as artist talks by Tomasz Skibicki and Kees van Leeuwen. 

PrintRoom’s Temporary Take Away

20 November 2020 – 10 January 2021 :

At this not-so-typical take-away, visitors can order from a menu of printed matter. Our Riso chefs will be working tirelessly to keep up with orders, printing work by invited artists throughout the duration of our Temporary Take-Away. You can also come in to use our Riso kitchen with your own files and print on demand with assistance from our Riso chefs. 

With a purchase made at a local restaurant take-away, you will receive the Free Baklava print by Lisa Blaauwbroek when you visit our space! (see below for more information). Also be on the lookout for Wild Cards around the neighbourhood— on bulletin boards, at local shop counters…they are various prizes to be redeemed at our Take-Away, such as a free hour of Riso printing or a set of our new wrapping papers.

We hope that PrintRoom’s Temporary Take-Away will be a space to generate support for artists, and local businesses and communities.

Dessert: Installation of the Free Baklava print project by Lisa Blaauwbroek, Side dish: Gilles de Brock at the RAAM MAAR window; Daily Special: Riso printed wallpaper by Cengiz Menguç

More information:

Feed me
At the start of the second lockdown in the Netherlands, when all Dutch horeca had to close, Lisa Blaauwbroek (1990) launched her project ‘Feed me’ on her Instagram-page. Every day she makes a drawing of a dish that she would like to eat or drink. If someone from her audience orders the dish for her, they receive the drawing! This way she’s both supporting the horeca and herself, while drawing (and eating!) delicious food.

Free Baklava!
Printroom, located in the city centre of Rotterdam, is also seeing their horeca-neighbours struggling because of the lockdown. We collaborated with Lisa and made a series of risoprinted baklavas, based on her drawing. If you get yourself a take-out meal in a café or restaurant located near PrintRoom, show us your receipt – you’ll get a free baklava print from us for dessert! 

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