7 March 2020, 8 pm – 1 am: Thunderclap by Amy Suo Wu | PrintRoom x Museumnacht010

Part-shop, part-sewing workshop and part-exhibition, Amy Suo Wu’s Thunderclap  employs steganography to publicly redistribute the erased work of Chinese anarcho-feminist He-Yin Zhen (1886–1920) through the medium of clothing accessories.

On the occasion of Museumnacht010, visitors of Printroom can make their own DIY Chinese anarcho-feminist patches. Thunderclap patches and ribbons will be also available to buy on the evening. The artist will offer free services to sew DIY patches and Thunderclap patches on clothes that visitors bring in from home.

Thunderclap is a steganographic zine that piggybacks on fashion accessories. The ribbons and embroidered patches contain translated English quotes taken from He-Yin’s essays and are nested around the QR code. When passersby scan the code, they can download her original Chinese writing. The work was originally designed to be hidden in plain sight on the streets of Beijing by co-opting shanzhai fashion – the Chinese phenomenon that features nonsense English – together with a QR code, as a covert system to publish sensitive knowledge originally destined to circulate within China.


All proceeds of the night will go to starting up Serenity Department, a clothing label and embodied publishing project between Amy Suo Wu and her mother Maria Huang. Serenity Department will be hosted by PrintRoom in Autumn of 2020.

Amy Suo Wu was born in China, grew up in Australia, and lives in The Netherlands as an artist, designer and teacher. Wu is also co-organizer of Zine Camp, an annual zine making festival in Rotterdam. Her work has been presented at Seoul Mediacity Biennale, KR; The Influencers, ES; Kunsthaus Langenthal, CH; I:projectspace Beijing, CN; Aksioma Ljubljana, SI ; Mine Yours Ours festival, HR; Gallery 12 New Media Hub, RS; ISEA Istanbul, TR; Van Abbemuseum, NL; Gogbot Enschede, NL; TENT Rotterdam, NL; Showroom MAMA Rotterdam, NL; WORM Rotterdam, NL and V2_ Rotterdam, NL


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