17 & 18 September: Holiday in the Archive II @ Franklin Furnace

‘Holiday in the Archive II

TRUCK FUCK MUCK is the title of an artist book by Martha Wilson, which she published in 1975. It’s also the book that made Martha realise that NYC needed a space for works of art of this kind. In September 2019 we came to Franklin Furnace with publisher friends to do research in the collection. Using the characteristics of TRUCK FUCK MUCK as a loose guide, we roamed the archive with delight, finding works by our favourite artists and presses and discovering new ones. In the coming year we’ll continue our investigation in order to further share souvenirs from our “holiday” at Franklin Furnace.

*Franklin Furnace has an exceptionally liberal collections policy – if an artist says their publication is an artists’ book, we take them at their word and accession it into our collection. (http://www.franklinfurnace.org/) If you would like to receive mail, please let us know by emailing info at printroom dot org Holiday in the Archive II is a project by PrintRoom with thanks to Martha Wilson et al at Franklin Furnace.

With: Julia Klein (Soberscove Press) Giulia de Giovanelli, Abhaya Mistry and Karin de Jong

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