Friday 13 September 7 -9 pm: Czar Kristoff – Latag || Eva Olthof – Public Library Of


>A polite occupation by nesting
>A talk about publishing and precarity
>A mini-bookstore on the floor

*To spread, unfold, or lay something out on the ground.


EVA OLTHOF will talk about her ongoing research Public Library Of for which she travelled to the United States to visit multiple public and self-organised libraries and bring back ideas for the Rotterdam context. Keeping in mind the question: how to make the Rotterdam Central Library a democratic place?

is the first zine in a series addressing that question and the start of a collaboration between Eva Olthof, PrintRoom, and library users.

Czar Kristoff: Part Wall, Part Door, No. ICzar Kristoff






Publications by Czar Kristoff

Research collage Public Library Of by Eva Olthof


CZAR KRISTOFF is an artist who works across photography, video, performance, intervention and publishing. His current practice, which sometimes requires public engagement, is based on his inquiries on memory, identity and the theme of unlearning. His work has been exhibited at Vargas Museum, Ateneo Art Gallery, West Gallery, 1335 Mabini, Danselhallerne Copenhagen, Art Dubai Marker, C3 Artspace Melbourne, Atelier de Koekkek Vienna, 24 Wangsan-Ro Gwangju, Bangkok Arts and Culture Center, Westergasfabriek Amsterdam, and Tai Kwun Contemporary Hong Kong. Kristoff is affiliated with Hardworking Goodlooking, a publishing and design hauz interested in decolonization, horror vacui and tropical diaspora. His most recent project, Temporary URL (Un/Re/Learning) Academy, is an experimental school that focuses on de-centering art and cultural production in the Philippines. He lives and works in Laguna, Philippines.

Czar Kristoff is the first Schengen Portal Artist in Residence,  a fictional yet operative ad hoc residency initiated by To Be Determined for chain migration in the arts. It is faithfully supported by hosts, benefactors, visa application letter writers, immigration fixers, and guest relations officers c/o PrintRoom,  NAC >Design Center Philippines  >Communication Design
Association Philippines  >Tiya June & Betty

Eva Olthof’s (Nijmegen, 1983) work often relies on particular historical contexts she unearths from public archives and libraries. She documents and rearranges the history of specific locations and events through fieldwork, systematic archiving and photographic documentation. In the course of this process of selection, she wilfully submits to coincidence, subjectivity and ambiguity. Once she has fully absorbed these narratives, she translates them into installations, publications and performances. Olthof lives and works in Rotterdam and graduated from the Dutch Art Institute in Arnhem. She worked as an artist in residence at Künstlerhaus Bethanien Berlin, CRAC Valparaíso, Chile and at Cemeti Art House in Yogyakarta, Indonesia.



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