16 November 2018, PrintRoom’s Pick from the NY Art Book Fair

In September, PrintRoom submerged itself again in the world’s largest – and hottest – art book fair, to do our annual research, meet new makers and catch up with publishing friends from all corners of the world. We resurfaced with treasure to share with you. Join us for presentations, and dive into the new selection of publishing projects!

7 – 10 pm @ PrintRoom
Programme begins at 7.30pm

Presentations by:

-Eva Wilson (UK/DE) and Adam Gibbons (UK)
Reading by Mirthe Berentsen, Kate Briggs, Florian Cramer, Constant Dullaart, Nicole Jordan, Judith Vrancken and Eva Wilson
-Stefan Marx (DE)
-Ruth van Beek (NL)
-Werkplaats Typografie (NL/Int.)

A reading of Badlands Unlimited (Act 1) by Badlands Unlimited from the new series ” ” (quotation mark quotation mark)

“Set behind the scenes of an artist-run, New York-based publishing company, the play Badlands Unlimited (Act 1) follows seven characters as they launch an erotic novella, deal with internal conflicts, and imagine the promise and threat of technology between the pages and in our lives.”
The new series “ ” looks at the forms and roles of publishing as and within artists’ practices; hosting conversations with artists who work at the intersection of publishing and exhibition-making, in the realm of circulation, dissemination, spamming, dispersion, print, data, language, infection, fashion, networks, disturbance, myth, parasiting, and infiltration.

Following a short introduction by series editors Adam Gibbons and Eva Wilson we will read issue #5: Badlands Unlimited (Act 1) by Badlands Unlimited with a cast of invited guests. “ ” is published by NERO (IT).

Priority Boarding by Stefan Marx

Stefan is an artist and actor of the skateboard scene. His black and white drawings, over-painted flyers and enigmatic slogans are anchored in street culture but address our cultural awareness. Stefan’s artist books are published by Nieves, Rollo-Press, and Christoph Keller Editions/JRP Ringier – or are self-published.

PrintRoom’s pick – Priority Boarding – features his new drawings of airplanes. These originated over the last two years at various airports. The selection is based on and inspired by Ari Marcopoulos’ new publication focusing on the same commercial airlines and aircraft types. Priority Boarding is published by Nieves (CH) and Perimeter (AU)

How To Do The Flowers by Ruth van Beek

Starting from her archive, Ruth van Beek makes collages and books. A large part of the image archive originates in old manuals, books that are made as a tools for everyday occupations. The images mainly show hands that demonstrate how something is supposed to be done. Hands that dig in the earth, that make dolls, that arrange flowers, that cook. All sorts of daily actions pass by.

By focusing on the action and detaching images from their original context, van Beek encourages imagination, thereby provoking uncomfortable and uneasy feelings: passive human hands become animated, objects become characters and abstract shapes come to life. Hundreds of images and tests from van Beek’s archive come together to show a method and create, in turn, a manual for creating new work.  Published by APE (BE) and Dashwood Books (US)

Members of Werkplaats Typografie present their project: Boiling Room for Hot Reading

“We recently encountered a series of paparazzi shots of Jon Snow wearing a pair of black swimming trunks, holding his red and blue flip-flops in his left hand, walking down a sandy beach. We thought this was funny. In one of the photos an anonymous person, blocked from view by an older man in biker gear, is seen poking one of Jon’s six exposed abs with their index finger.”

The NY Art Book Fair is organised by Printed Matter at MoMA PS1

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