15th September 2018, Self-Reliance Library Event: Workshop Bookbinding

Saturday 15th September from 14:00 to 18:00 at PrintRoom

Instructor: Camille Boisaubert

All welcome. Whether you have no prior experience with bookbinding, or already have some knowledge of the craft, you’ll receive personalised advice and guidance.

The book—blank or printed—is one of our most frequently used tools for thinking, reflecting, recording. But in its mass-produced and standardised form, the book-object seldom reflects our readerly explorations and appropriations.

Let’s transform our books to follow our reading experiences! In this workshop we will compile excerpts from multiple publications in the Self-Reliance Library into our own (note)books. Everything is possible with some (Riso printed) paper, a needle, a thread and some glue.

Hands on! We will begin warming up with simple ‘needle bind a booklet’ exercises. Camille will teach three ways to sew books: one booklet, two booklets together and multiple booklets. She will bring  examples of her work to show.
 Following a coffee break, we will compile excerpts from the Self-Reliance Library’s collection into our own books, thinking through bookbinding as a reading and editing exercise.

PrintRoom will provide Riso printed pages from the Self-Reliance Library, blank paper, needles, thread, and we’ll use our Riso misprints to make notebooks. Participants are welcome to bring their own materials if they have something special in mind. By the end of the workshop participants will have their own hand-bound book, drawing from the Self-Reliance Library and elsewhere.

Capacity is limited, please register before 10 September with printroomnl@gmail.com    Participation fee: 25 euro

Camille Boisaubert studied art history at the Ecole du Louvre, Paris and Book Design at La Cambre, Brussels. In 2017, she founded her publishing house les murmurations.

The Self-Reliance Library  is an autonomous reading and creating library. It is a collection of older books and reference materials that Temporary Services has found inspiring while doing their own projects and living their lives, as well as recently published titles that are still available, and out-of-print books that you can find in public libraries or on the secondary market. It includes a few of Temporary Services’ own publications too.

Temporary Services (Chicago and Auburn, Indiana) were publishers in  residence at PrintRoom in July 2018. A selection of their titles remains on view at PrintRoom until 15 September, 2018

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