3 March 2018: Birch Bar & Back Yard Sauna

8 pm – 1 am      Museumnacht @ PrintRoom

You are invited to celebrate spring!

With Mari Keski-Korsu and Contemporary Wild (Asnate Bočkis and Willem van Doorn)

Even though it’s still cold outside, the spring spirit is here- the days get longer and the sun gains strength. This moment, charged with sparkles of new life energy, can be used to activate our own energy flows and cleanse our bodies from outside and within.

In the centre of our Spring Celebration is a birch tree, the messenger of spring, the carrier of new energy within its sap. A temporary sauna, fired up with birch wood, will become an intimate celebration place that brings comfort to body and mind.

Our Birch Bar will offer refreshments and warm drinks made from birch sap and buds. At the campfire – the heart of the sauna – we will make tar and charcoal from birch wood and in the last part of the evening we will dive into the sauna and leaf bathing rituals.

There is a limited amount of places available for the sauna session that will start around 22:00 and will take about 90 minutes.

Please apply via printroomnl@gmail.com, if you would like to join.

 This event is also the lead in to the production of the next PrintRoom Net-book.

More information:

Mari Keski-Korsu (mkk) is a transdisciplinary artist. She explores how ecological and socio-economical changes manifest in everyday life. The work is based on collaborations with different kinds of communities, individuals and species. Her current practice is focused on inter-species communication and creating emphatic environments to enable empathy towards whole ecosystems. She is interested in relations in between art, activism, politics and science from permaculturic and ecofeminist perspectives.

The collective Contemporary Wild is founded by two designers, Asnate Bočkis and Willem van Doorn, after their graduation at Design Academy Eindhoven.

Willem grew up in a farm near to Amsterdam and works in the context of DIY culture, nature and constructions. Asnate has her roots in Riga, Latvia; she was educated as a classical artist before attending design studies. Her work concerns social and spatial interventions.

In Contemporary Wild they share their fascination for the duality between Man & Nature. With their projects they challenge public rituals and rethink usage of natural elements in the urban landscape.

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