16.12.17: Like Something is Brewing, About to Begin

An afternoon presenting projects that are literally and figuratively brewing at PrintRoom.

Clara Lobregat Balaguer (PH), PrintRoom Publisher in Residency
Then an in-conversation with Florian Cramer

Followed by NETbook presentations:
SEAWEED by guest editor Aletta de Jong
RAINWATER AUTUMN ALE by guest editor Henriette Waal

Readings by Miek Zwamborn and Vytenis Burokas
Food by Maki Oishi
Beer tasting: NETbooks’ own Rainwater Autumn Ale

NETbooks is a series of publications initiated by X Marks the Bökship and PrintRoom which takes self-publishing as a starting point for other “self-reliance” projects. These projects are made by a small group of artists and designers – often after a collaborative exercise or workshop – and distributed via like-minded small publishers and publishing platforms using Risograph printing facilities. Each NETbook dips into a particular field of knowledge and presents a selection of findings with an emphasis on process, sharing and collective experience.

Aletta de Jong’s ‘Drugstore’ project examines a wide range of applications for seaweed – past, present, and future – as a way of exploring the interactions between locations, commodities, and people. This inquiry delves into discussions concerning energy, food, and ownership.

Henriëtte Waal is an artist and designer who came to beer brewing through research into water purification. Interested in the relationship between people and their surrounding environments, Henriëtte’s experiments with brewing focus on the social, ethical, and cultural function of beer. Her Buitenbrouwerij has travelled worldwide since its inception in Tilburg in 2009. She is artistic research director of atelier LUMA, a design research lab in Arles, and since 2013 has taught in the Social Design Master Program at Design Academy Eindhoven.

Design NETbooks: Dongyoung Lee

Miek Zwamborn is an author, translator and artist. Her practice often delves into archival collections, drawing on the suggestive possibility of historical materials, letters, texts, objects and artefacts in order to create semi-factual narratives. Through installations, performance, and photography, Zwamborn imbues her source material with a rigorous sense of subjective and the speculative. In this way, her work not only traces the lives of her subjects but her own experiences as a researcher and writer. Each work claims its own place within the story, becoming an indispensable branch of the greater rhizome. 

Zwamborn has published the novels Oploper (2000, Meulenhoff) and Vallend Hout (2004, Meulenhoff), the poetry book Het krieken van sepia (2008, Slibreeks) and De duimsprong (2013, Van Oorschot).

Vytenis Burokas (Vilnius, Lithuania) is an artist and curator. He is interested in visible and invisible manifestations of history and memory fragments. He appears in public socio-cultural context by documenting passing time and responds to it with choreography, installations, movements, narratives. Vytenis tries to highlight inherited cultural leftovers, traces, slips of a tongue and language as well as to create new cultural artefacts. He is focused on rituals and happenings in social environments and architecture.

Vytenis has received Contemporary Sculpture BA, MA and Art Education from the Vilnius Academy of Arts (2009-2015) and completed the Rupert Educational Program in Vilnius (2013-2014). He has exhibited or performed in Contemporary Art Center (Vilnius, LT), Autarkia (Vilnius), 427 (Riga), Komplot (Brussels, BE), Šiauliai Art Gallery (Šiauliai, LT), Nida Art Colony (Nida, LT), Granada Film Festival (Granada, Spain), Rupert (Vilnius, LT). He recently co-curated exhibition Citynature: Vilnius and Beyond at the National Gallery of Art (Vilnius), Parade at Klaipėda Culture Comunication Center (Klaipėda), Another Crossroads of Epochs at the National Gallery of Art (Vilnius) etc.

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