27 October 7 – 10 pm: PrintRoom’s Pick from the NY Art Book Fair 2017

PrintRoom was in NY for the annual art book fair organised by Printed Matter. We celebrate this year’s harvest with fair exhibitors and a selection of the books we brought back for you. 
Presentations by:
– Tania Prill: Under the Radar: Underground Zines and  Self-Publications 1965 – 1975,
– Bik Van der Pol : WERE IT AS IF & School of Missing Studies
– Werkplaats Typografie (WT)
members:  —  Line Gry-Hørup, Luca Napoli, Malin Gewinner
– a presentation of the new finds from the Fair, introduced by PrintRoom
 Under the Radar: Underground Zines and Self-Publications 1965 – 1975, 
Tania Prill, Swiss graphic designer and co-editor of the book Under the Radar: Underground Zines and Self-Publications will introduce the audience into the world of hectographs, mimeographs, and offset printing of the mid-1960s when small, low-cost print runs with their unique aesthetic were developed: using wild mock-ups, “messianic amateurs” combined typescript aesthetics, handwriting, scribbled drawings, assemblages of collaged visuals, porn photos, snapshots, and comic strips. This book is the first to present the underground and self-published works that came out of West Germany in such depth, while also showing the international context in which they emerged: not as an anecdotal history but as an attempt to tap into the aesthetic cosmos of a Do-It-Yourself rebellion, one that also challenges us to take a new look at the current boom in “independent publishing”, the risograph aesthetic, and so on. Published by Spector Books

The book follows their exhibition WERE IT AS IF at Witte de With Center for Contemporary Art, and includes different views enlisting the power, and value over time, of fragments and traces as springs of provocation. What does it mean to form a “collection of traces” of a contemporary art institute? Can staging a history through exhibition fragments be seen as an act of resistance pitting against the constant task of accumulation?
School of Missing Studies
The School of Missing Studies started in 2003 as an initiative of artists and architects who recognized “the missing” as a matter of urgency. Investigating what culture(s) laid the foundations for the loss we are experiencing from modernization and how this loss can talk back to us as a potential site of learning. Published by Sternberg Press and Sandberg Institute

Fruits of Fraud
by Werkplaats Typografie (WT) members:  —  Line Gry-Hørup, Luca Napoli, Malin Gewinner
Approaches to what? It’s time to reflect and question things. Particularly the common goods. Those certain ones, which make the personal cravings of materiality reach the abstract and inner landscape of values. What is it about these t-shirts, records, benches, fish tanks, lamps, wine books, bike rain covers, natural pigments, agendas, playing cards and therapy bowls of ours? Is it reflections of market movements, guilty pleasures, memorabilia? Werkplaats Typografie will present an inventory of items, exhausted and for sale.
Books by: 
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