8 October 2017, RAINWATER AUTUMN ALE // 8 years of the ‘Buitenbrouwerij’ // NETbook

Together with beer lovers & / specialists & / gardeners & / artists & / designers we’ll celebrate the 8th anniversary of Henriette de Waal’s ‘Buitenbrouwerij’; the mobile beer-brew installation that will be installed at SNV for this day of collective re-skilling, knowledge-sharing and story telling.
We’ll also use this day to prepare the next edition of NETbooks*, a Riso-printed publication and self reliance project by PrintRoom.

All participants are invited to bring fresh rainwater and autumn leaves, which we will use as the basis for the Rainwater Autumn Ale that we’ll brew on this day. While learning all about the brewing process, we’ll share and collect experiences, stories and ideas as well as images, recipes, conversations for the publication.

Henriette Waal will take care for a selection of beers to taste. When you’re a beer brewer yourself, please let us know and bring some of your creations to share with us.

While the yeast is doing it’s work, PrintRoom and Henriette will compile an issue of NETbook out of the shared experiences, stories and knowledge.
We’ll launch our RAINWATER AUTUMN ALE NETbook when the beer is ready, date to be announced!

Henriëtte Waal is a designer who ‘fell into’ beer brewing while researching ways to purify water. By now she’s an expert, while she keeps the experimental approach: brewing with a focus on the social, ethical, and cultural function of beer. With her beers Henriëtte Waal can capture the imagination of a wider audience, which isn’t always easy in the art scene. She sees beer brewing as a means to taste our surrounding, connecting with it in new ways.
To mention some of the ingredients she’s used before: seawater, cucumber, potatoes, wild plants, snow, …


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