24 – 30 July 2017: Holiday in the Archive – PrintRoom @ Centre des livres d’artistes

Holiday in the Archive

A chance encounter with a folder on coincidence – “Toeval” in the Centre des livres d’artistes (Cdla) – inspired a foraging system that enabled our exploration of the archive. Inventing categories of words with the second letter punctuated with an O created a metaphorical peephole through which to view the the contents of the boxes.

We have extracted selected items from the condensed collection of publications, conversations and exchanges between artists in the archive and redistributed them to people we think will find the collection of interest. Sending the archive on holiday.

Karin de Jong, Eleanor Vonne Brown, Asnate Bočkis, Yin Yin Wong, Antoine Lefebvre, Kate Briggs, Arnaud Desjardin.

Holiday in the Archive is a project by PrintRoom with thanks to Didier Mathieu at Cdla.


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