27 May 2017, 5 -7 pm: Archive Poetry

Book presentations and a peek into the archives of the artists

Ruth van Beek: The Cast
Batia Suter: Parallel Encyclopedia #2

Ruth van Beek and Batia Suter both generate a personal image library and, by using different strategies, edit and re-create its content into parallel living realities.

The Cast
The Cast draws from the artist’s growing archive of found photographic source material taken from vintage books and magazines. Activated through contextual and physical refiguration, her work transforms these clippings from silent paper objects to vivid biomorphic actors.

Parallel Encyclopedia #2
Batia Suter’s work intuitively situates found images in new contexts to provoke surprising reactions and significative possibilities. This volume follows on from the first ‘Parallel Encyclopedia’, published in 2007. Underlying themes of Suter’s practice are the “iconification” and “immunogenicity” of old images, and the circumstances by which they become charged with new associative values. With an attuned sensitivity to hidden harmonies and expressive accidents, Suter thus generates hypnagogic spaces where pictures can communicate by their own logic, in a force field of imaginative metamorphosis.



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