Saturday 26 November 2016: NITTY GRITTY // BOOK // SPACE // PRINT // PARTY

book presentations, artist talk, exhibition of print work and the We Make It RISO herbarium, live print party

4 – 7 pm at PrintRoom


-Maura Biava: Dutch launch of Form Informed, exhibition of prints

-Sigrid Calon: book presentation and exhibition of prints

-Moritz Grünke: talk on publishing house Gloria Glitzer and art space /print workshop We Make It 

RISO jam session by Maura Biava, Sigrid Calon and Moritz Grünken. They will improvise and collaboratively produce a variety of posters and wrapping paper that will be available for purchase on the day of the event.

 The presentation runs until January 14th.

More information:
In her book Form Informed Maura Biava brings together 30 mathematical formulas of European mathematicians (and philosophers, theologists, artists) from the 17th to the 19th century such as Newton, Pascal, Dürer, Descartes and Bernoulli. With the help of maths expert Annamaria Ricotti, Biava uses a computer program to create out of these two dimensional shapes new three dimensional forms. The graphic representations of the formulas become new bi-dimensional figures, which is emphasized by the printing method of overlaying but not entirely overlapping colours.
Form Informed is designed by Meeusontwerpt, Riso printed in ten colours at Van Eyck Academie and published by Konnotation
Sigrid Calon builds compositions using patterned structures adapted from embroidery or other grids and shapes derived from everyday life. To equal the intensity and craft of embroidery she started to use stencil printing and in this technique she made her first artist book titled ‘/ | &’, which was quickly sold out. In her next book ‘When letters become patterns’, the embroidery patterns transformed into letters. Her most recent book ‘Qwerty’ is the next step in this development. It is based on working with the function and form of computer keyboard.
‘We Make it’ is a Risograph print studio and exhibition space by Franziska Brandt und Moritz Grünke based in Berlin. In 2007 they founded Gloria Glitzer, a small press for artists books. Since then they publish artists’ books and zines, attend (and co-organise) international artbook fairs, publish the blog Art-Zines (now on a temporary vacation/or: until march 2015?) and curate  exhibitions on self-publishing by artists.
We Make it also hosts the Herbarium Riso, a public library on risograph printed artists’ publications.

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