Saturday 1st October 2016, ’email me’ Book Club

Saturday 1st October 2016, 4 – 5 pm at PrintRoom

Book Club

’email me’: Writings on Email in Contemporary Art and Experimental Literature by Molly Richards

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For this book club we will be discussing ’email me’, a printed collection of writing examining email as a material, medium and tool in the visual arts and experimental literature from the late eighties to present day. Composing, sending and receiving become essential components to listserv experimentation, curatorial email projects, spam poetry, collaborative writing or the dreaded break-up email. ’email me’ shines a light on materiality, interactivity, constraints, moderation, identity and some of the implicit hierarchies that prevail within this medium.

Writer, Rachel Greene has compared the act of printing images of net art to looking at caged animals in a zoo. Much like net art, many of the email artworks Richards references are intended to be experienced in the email browser or online. Once they are displaced from the internet and put into print, they are stripped from their original context. Therefore, readers who wish to interact further with the described work can email the provided email addresses, (which are indicated on the printed publication), and receive additional content, loyal to its true form: the email.

Molly Richards recently graduated from the Royal College of Art’s MA in Critical Writing in Art and Design. She has researched a number of different areas including sound art, new media art, net art, digital ephemera and meme culture. She is interested in using the written word as part of an expanded curatorial practice.

Pick up a copy from PrintRoom
A limited amount of reading copies of the book are available for free at PrintRoom. This is the 2nd print edition and has been printed in-house using the Risograph especially for The Post Internet Cafe at PrintRoom.

’email me’: Writings on Email in Contemporary Art and Experimental Literature
By Molly Richards
Designed by Kia Tashihgou

Many thanks to Molly Richards, Kia Tashihgou and LCBA

This event is part of the Post Internet Café final presentation. More information soon.


The Post Internet Café will be present at the NY Art Book Fair, come and say hello, stamp and mail your postcards, or have them delivered to (other) fair participants.


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