15 July – 1 October 2016: Post Internet Café

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The Post Internet Café is a social space for the consumption and digestion of our communication systems. On the menu for the next month will be: Mailing Lists, Contacts, D.I.Y Networks and Mail Art, handpicked from the Hypermarket and washed down with an continuous refill of filter coffee. Cafés have always been places for information exchange, places to read the paper, send postcards home, chat to friends and find out local information. Internet cafés were an evolution of the traditional café, providing public devices to access the internet and digital communication services.  Often people use them when traveling to access webmail, to stay in touch with family and friends, although in poorer communities they are the primary form of Internet access. As technology evolves the number of Internet cafés is decreasing since more and more regular cafés offer the same services. These cafés provide us with a place to recharge – and to work in a traditionally social space. Fueled by our love of coffee culture and personal wireless devices, we assemble in these spaces to communicate with our growing collection of ‘contacts’, often drinking our coffee alone.

The Post Internet Café is a social space designed to be shared with its users and other online and offline networks, to create a space for conversation and criticism on whatever is on the Menu. The first location is in PrintRoom where the Kiosk will open its hatch from Friday 15 July. To be added to the mailing list please send a postcard or email to: info@printroom.org

The Post Internet Cafe is a project by Eleanor Vonne Brown (X Marks the Bökship and Karin de Jong (PrintRoom).


Coming up:

Saturday 16 July, 2 – 5pm
Postcard workshop with Eleanor Vonne Brown

Thursday 4 August, 7pm
Paul Soulellis Talk

Date TBC
Reading Group
Reading: The Internet Does Not Exist, Published by Sternberg Press, 2015.
P162 ‘What is the Social in Social Media?’ By Geert Lovink.
‘Create a soup of ideas and taste it frequently. Connect everyone that’s important to you, as fast as you can, as automatically as possible, and put the pedal to the metal and take your foot of the brake.’




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