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The ‘letter to the young artist’, is a long established format that has often been used by artists and writers to address the generations below them to offer their  insight and advice , and as a reflexive tool to extend a hand back in time to their younger, less experienced selves. Through self-publishing, two recent graduates have produced Forty One Letters from the Young Artist as an attempt to redress the balance.

PrintRoom takes this freshly published book to open up the space as a platform for young artists and designers working in publishing, and to celebrate with hot chocolate and speculaas.  


– Now Will Not Be with Us Forever

Maurice van Es

All of These Images Are the Outcome of Certain Observations

Liza Wolters

Eenenveertig brieven van de jonge kunstenaar
(Forty-one Letters from the Young Artist)

Edited by Roos van den Oetelaar en Renée Verberne

In the eight books gathered under the title, Now Will Not Be with Us Forever, Maurice van Es deals with photography’s intrinsic dimension: seizing a moment that will never return. He focuses on his close environment, family and the familiar and transcends it subtly: his young brother going to school every morning, his grandfather putting on a pullover, the details of an interior (carpet, blanket), motifs on a garment or his father’s car as he waits for him at the station. It takes on a troubling poetic and plastic dimension.

Initially produced as a dummy edition of 20, the book has recently been published by RVB books (FR) and was launched at the NY Art Book Fair 2015.


Liza Wolters artists book All of These Images Are the Outcome of Certain Observations based on the concept of collecting and archiving. Neither a collection nor an archive can consist of only one element; one thing needs another to exist. Wolter brings together a selection from her archive of everyday scenes. As an object, ‘All of These Images Are the Outcome of Certain Observations’ is subject to the rules of collecting and archiving: the book has a slanted cut and  requires support from other books or objects around it to stay upright.

All of These Images Are the Outcome of Certain Observations’ was produced as part of Liza’s graduation work at art academy AKV|St.Joost in Breda in 2014.


Forty-one Letters from the Young Artist
In 2007 the book Eenenveertig brieven aan de jonge kunstenaar Forty-one Letters to the Young Artist – was published. It was compiled by Jos Houweling, the then director of the Sandberg Institute in Amsterdam. The book was a collection of letters containing experiences, personal stories and opinions of what the art world terms ‘mid-career’ artists, art critics and authors. The voice of the young artist himself, however, was omitted.

Now, eight years later, graduating into a much changed art world, Roos van den Oetelaar and Renée Verberne present a new book: Forty-one Letters from the Young Artist. In this book recent graduates from art schools within the Netherlands and Belgium speak in their own words through letters about their situation and position as artists and designers today. The two compilers -emerging artists themselves- invited their peers to write, and to determine to what and whom they addressed their letters.

Compiled together they offer a glimpse into the personal motives and emotional worlds of young artists looking for their place in the world.

The design, conceived by Iris Cuppen, emphasises the increasingly outmoded physical nature of writing and receiving a letter by post; by using a Japanese binding method, which necessitates the reader cut open the pages to read the letters.

‘Dare to place a bomb and to look at the crater you have caused.’ (Liza Wolters )

Forty-one letters from the Young Artist is published by (and with big support of) Pels & Kemper.

Letters from: Iris Cuppen, Johanna Motschmann, Marieke Busser, Talitha Davida Meijer, Davor Šubarić, Janina Frye, Klaas Burger, Lin Houtman, Matthijs Walhout, Eva de Jong, Jasmin Moeller, Roel Neuraij, Kai Chang, Nina Spoetnik, Lina van Hassel, Renée Verberne, Roos van den Oetelaar, Steve Cromsigt, Liza Wolters, Yvette Jacobs, Hanna Krol, Tijl Orlando Frijns, Manon Vosters, Manon van Trier, Lilian Stolk, Willem Sjoerd van Vliet, Linde Keja, Jonathan van Doornum, Marijn Moerbeek, Sanne Schumacher, Elleke Hageman, Meral van de Velde, Emma Sophia Grout, Lisette Schumacher, Dorenda Verhaegen, Don Jeronimo, Nina Jilesen, Marleen Verber, Nora Roggausch, Marjolein van Houten and Petra Kühnle


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