Saturday 15 February 2014: Print Takeaway Unlimited, Nadine Stijns and Helmut Smits

As the Chinese New Year celebrations end with the Lantern Festival, we invite you to join us for the book presentations and exhibition opening of Nadine Stijns and Helmut Smits.

Print Takeaway Unlimited

Saturday 15 February 2014, 5 – 8 pm at PrintRoom
The exhibtion runs until 19 March

Nadine Stijns: Floating Population, published by FW:
Helmut Smits: Ideas and Thoughts, published by Onomatopee

Especially for this event we’ll have a one-day only un-limited edition print sale by Nadine Stijns and Helmut Smits.

Choose your favourite number from the menu and for only 25 euro’s you’ll become the happy owner of an almost unique Nadine-Stijns-Floating-Population-Inkjet-Print, printed live, at the scene, just for you.

Helmut Smits will RISO-print on demand an A3 poster based on one of the drawings in his book. Take it away for 25 euro – on 15 February only.

Floating Population
In the early 1980s, upon the opening up of China’s economy under Deng Xiaoping, farmers left their hometowns seeking work in China’s developing cities as a response to the resulting agricultural reforms. These people from China’s vast rural areas are referred to as the ‘floating population’. By visually assembling photographs, video stills and photographed objects like textiles, rubber shoes, construction materials, a sock, piles of postcards and posters and more Nadine Stijns investigates this stream of migrant laborers. With texts by sinologist, journalist and writer Catherine Vuylsteke.

Ideas and Thoughts
The drawings in the small book Ideas and Thoughts by Helmut Smits function as sketches for works to be realised at the right time and the right place. In a direct, linear style they reveal sharp observations, visual puns and playful solutions for coping with our everyday surroundings. Helmut Smits’ work can vary from wall drawings, furniture and product design to conceptual sculptures and public installations. But no matter how big or small the project, it all starts with a small drawing in a book.

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