Friday 13 December, 8 -10 pm: WRAP UP! books by Ruth van Beek, Antje Peters, Ohad Ben Shimon and David Berridge


Join us for the last presentation night of the year, STARRING:

~Ruth van Beek (NL): The Arrangement, published by RVB Books (Paris)

~Antje Peters (NL/DE): Desserts, published by Automatic Books (Venice)

~Ohad Ben Shimon (NL/IL): 2 blue cups on two different corners of the table, published by Very Small Kitchen (Hastings)
~David Berridge presents VerySmallKitchen

++ more books of these publishers will be available in the shop

++++ a presentation of the books we selected at the NY Art Book Fair, Unseen (Amsterdam), Salon Light #10 (Paris) and Off Print Paris!

Your books will be nicely wrapped in especially designed and stencil-printed paper by the artists, Team Thursday, the PrintRoom team and other invited guests.


‘The Arrangement’ is a group of images Ruth Van Beek made with a collection of books on flower arranging. She has been collecting books on this subject for years, mostly instructional books dating from fifties to the seventies. They combine colourful still lives of flower arrangements with the functional photography of a manual. Ruth Van Beek is especially interested in the translation of the strict rules and symbols of Japanese Ikebana into instructional books for Dutch housewives.

‘Desserts’ straightforwardly presents 15 photographs of pre-manufactured desserts to be found in supermarkets plus an image of an apple (an allusion to one of the symbols for consumer culture). Imagery from 1970s-90s cookbooks inspired Antje Peters’ post-cookbook approach, with a sharp eye for detail and composition. The usually functional and illustrative features of photographs in cookbooks give way to a detached product photography style, with a particular focus on shiny surfaces and vivid colors – like advertisement photography but devoid of slogans and logos.

Ohad Ben Shimon’s ‘2 Blue Cups on Two Different Corners of the Table’ is a collection of diary-like writings that explores the meeting place of autobiography and fiction, introspection and performance, experience and commentary, through unfolding processes of attention and its notation in words. Recalling classic texts like Joe Brainard’s I Remember, it finds its own forms and attitudes for the things, people and places of which, implicated, it tells.

VerySmallKitchen explores connections of language, writing, and art practice. Based in Hastings, England, it curates an ongoing series of blog projects (most recently by Kasper Andreasen, Patrick Coyle, Emma Bolland, Claire Potter and David Price) alongside paperback books (by Ohad Ben Shimon, Nikolai Duffy, seekers of lice, Sarah Jacobs, Rebecca Cremin & Ryan Ormonde). Current interests include varieties of “Poets’ Prose” and the 100 page book as a meeting place of prose, poetry, fiction, essay and performance script.

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