6 June, 7 – 10 pm: launch The Archaic Revival Review @PrintRoom

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THE ARCHAIC REVIVAL REVIEW, Printroom publication #11 is a collection of over 20 A3 sized posters by California based artists, compiled and produced by artists Dani Tul and Ewoud van Rijn. The works are stencil printed at PrintRoom’s Risograph workshop in blue and red and kept together with an elastic band.

19.30: talk by Hans Plomp, initiator of Ruigoord Cultural Freeport and co-author of ‘Uit je Bol / Out of your Head, a guide for the responsible use of drugs’ which he wrote with Gerben Hellinga.

Hans Plomp (Amsterdam, January 29, 1944) is a Dutch writer and poet. Along with fellow writer Gerben Hellinga he was also the driving force behind the resistence which saved Ruigoord from demolition.


work by: Michael Decker, Peter Wu, Dani Tull, Corrina Peipon, Landon Wiggs, Christina Ondrus, Alison O’Daniel, Chris Wilder, Ewoud van Rijn, Klea Mckenna, Doug Harvey, Amir H. Fallah, Brian Cooper, Alison Blickle, Ron Regé, Chris Badger, Karen Liebowitz/ Ethan Ayer, Chromium Dumb Belle, Amanda Charchian, Claude Collins-Stracensky, Amy Sarkisian, Alison Blickle, Brian Randolph, Tracy Conti.

Texts by Doug Harvey, artist and art critic, Los Angeles and Christian Greer, academic researcher (UVA, Amsterdam) in the field of contemporary spiritual movements and anti-authoritarian counter cultures in the U.S.

Terence McKenna

The two texts respond to the singular psychedelic ideas of Terence McKenna, the ethnobotanist, mystic and prophet who advocated paths of shamanism and the use of plant-based psychedelics as a means of increasing many forms of human awareness.

Together with his brother Dennis he discovered the cultivation of the Psilocybin mushrooms, known in Holland as ‘Paddo’s’. In publications and lectures McKenna philosophied on the social cultural implications of his discovery and thus became an inspiration for the 1980’s rave culture.

The Title refers to McKenna’s 1992 book ‘The Archaic Revival: Speculations on Psychedelic Mushrooms, the Amazon, Virtual Reality, UFOs, Evolution, Shamanism, the Rebirth of the Goddess, and the End of History’. In this book McKenna speculates on the idea that in prehistoric time human consciousness was accelerated by the use of mindexpanding mushrooms. Today McKenna is being rediscovered by a new generation of artists with a spiritual bend.

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