June 8, 2012: Presentation and workshop by London based publishers AND, Lynn Harris and Eva Weinmayr

We’re pleased to introduce to you AND, a publishing activity and platform exploring print on demand technologies to publish conceptually driven artists’ books.

One of AND’s activities presented is The Piracy Project, an international publishing and exhibition project exploring the philosophical, legal and practical implications of book piracy and creative modes of reproduction. This is a collaboration with Andrea Francke,

During their presence in Rotterdam, Lynn Harris and Eva Weinmayr will host a workshop in which the participants use code as language.
We will also offer artists, designers and writers to consult AND for the production of their own publications.

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This three-day workshop is a creative collaboration with our everyday digital devices (laptops, voice recorders, smartphones, scanners, digital cameras). Tracing the glitches, flaws and corruptions that occur when a message/short story is passed through a line of devices we will explore the implicit transformation processes and their invisible background operations.
The resulting material will form the content of a publication, which will be printed on the last day of the workshop.

This experiment is based on Whisper Down the Lane, Broken Telephone, Stille Post, the famous children’s game that explores how easily information can become corrupted by errors typically accumulating in the retelling of one story. Replacing the human imagination with digital devices we will take this game to a different level.

Please send us an e-mail if you wish to participate in the workshop or would like to make an appointment for an AND consult on your book-to-be-published.
AND publications will be presented at PrintRoom until July 15th.

Launch of PrintRoom’s A – Z, our new occasional publication.

With contributions by Stefano Calligaro, Martijn in ’t Veld, Joris Lindhout, Ruth Höflich, Faris McReynolds, Rachel Carey, Mick Peter, Ewoud van Rijn.

This programme is part of the language and Art Gallery tour of Poetry International. http://www.poetryinternational.nl

More information:

AND: “Photocopied or glossy printed, we define print on demand as a method, a tool to directly and immediately interact and communicate an idea to an audience. Due to short print runs (starting from one copy), low productions costs and almost no storage costs, we can develop and sustain an adventurous, inquiring, creative practice without having to compromise and conform the conventions of a mass market.”

Invested in the behaviour of written and spoken language, Eva Weinmayr’s work addresses systems for immediate communication and ranges from interactive readings and performances to publications and films. As part of AND Publishing’s research programme she runs The Piracy Project, an international publishing and exhibition project exploring book piracy and creative modes of reproduction. Recent publications include Water Found On Mars with Gustav Metzger (Hatje Cantz), Suitcase Body Is Missing Woman, (Book Works) and (pause) 21 scenes (Occasional Paper), a series of interventions around the British art collective Art In Ruins.Her work has been shown among other venues at Whitechapel Gallery, London, Chisenhale Gallery, London, KW Institute for Contemporary Art, Berlin, MoMA PS1 New York, FormContent London, Zacheta National Art Gallery Warsaw. Upcoming activities in 2012 include Truth is Concrete, Steirischer Herbst, Graz, The Piracy Reading Room, The Showroom London and Institutions by Artists, a world congress in Vancouver organised by Fillip magazine.

Lynn Harris is an American artist living and working in London. She is interested in dematerialised art, the digital domain, collaboration, publishing as practice and socially binding act, and in developing copyleft and methods of open production. Since 2009, together with Eva Weinmayr she has been co-founder and director of AND Publishing. Since 2003 she has been co-founder and director of Unrealised Projects, a web-based archive of unrealised ideas, series of publications, events and exhibitions involving over 200 artists such as Stephen Willats, Liam Gillick and Pavel Buchler.Her work has been shown internationally and she has been invited to speak at several institutions including Wysing Arts Centre/Bourne, Institute of Contemporary Art/London, The Model/Ireland, Chisenhale Gallery/London, Royal College of Art/London, London College of Communication,Cornerhouse/Manchester, VOID/Derry, NGCA/Sunderland, Milton Keynes Gallery/London, A Foundation/Liverpool, Museum of Image and Sound/Sao Paulo.

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