Sunday 15th January 2012, launches Subjective Atlas of Mexico, Factory Living

Subjective Atlas of Mexico
With presentations by Moniek Driesse, Diego Gutierrez and Annelys de Vet  (2.30 pm)

PrintRoom presentation on CUARTA EDICIÓN
Contemporary Publications Forum in Mexico City, with the books we selected for you at the fair (2.00 pm)

and other work by Petra Valdimarsdóttir (3.30 pm)

On the occasion of the launch of the ‘Subjective Atlas of Mexico’ and PrintRooms recent participation to Cuarta Edición, a special afternoon is organized at Pr.
There will be presentations by Annelys de Vet (designer, initiator and editor Subjective Atlases), Moniek Driesse (initiator and co-designer ‘Subjective Atlas of Mexico’), Diego Gutierrez (El Despacho, guidance video-masterclass MX) and Karin de Jong (director PrintRoom).
In addition there’s the launch of ‘Factory Living’ by Petra Valdimarsóttir (designer).

Mexican restaurant Popocatepetl provides us with snacks and we serve Corona with lime.

More info:
Subjective Atlas of Mexico
The contradictory traits of an identity that is in continuous growth is reflected in this subjective atlas. It is a catalogue of the likenesses and differences for Mexicans, questioning the collective values that they share, and the cultural image that they build around them.

Carried out by designers Moniek Driesse and Annelys de Vet, along with Analía Solomonoff, a varied group of artists, designers, photographers and other sensitive souls living in Mexico were invited to choose personal topics as a starting point to map their cultural identity. In this context everyday practices suddenly take on new meanings. Through its pages the scope of Mexico as a country limited by its borders and its latitudes, vanishes to make senses and perspectives burst. You can find Mexico reflected in the world, and the world reflected in Mexico.

Since several years designer Annelys de Vet is working on a growing series of “subjective atlases”. These books are attempts to make a disarming contribution to the discourse around cultural image formation. In a creative, disarming and sensitive yet critical way, the books are ‘mapping’ a country, region or political entity on personal means. The series serve as a humanist response to the increasing simplification of the political debate and the complacency of power. In contrast to the often propagandist tenor of the mass media, the atlases show, above all, a complex reality that lies beyond one dimensional blinding media images.

The atlas will be sold for the special launch-price of € 17,50 (incl. DVD)

— Petra Valdimarsdóttir
Petra Valdimarsdóttir (1987) is an Icelandic-born designer based in Berlin and New York, who works in the field of printed and interactive media. Her recent projects are inspired by scavenging on the internet whereby finding large amount of data and transforming dissecting these into personal analysations. The end products are usually a combination of installation work and artists books.

“In the summer of 2011 I had the chance to document several fish factories in China. I was consumed by the colors I came across in these enormous spaces. Some of them were located underground which made the experience quite surreal. The workers wore hygienic suits with spontaneous pastel colored details here and there, the workers blended easily into these factories as if the color scheme wasn’t complete with out there being humanly colors involved. Such photogenic spaces and coordinated images they were with out even knowing this and with no artistic function whatsoever, until someone picks up a camera.”
FACTORY LIVING  will be available in the shop for 10 euro.

— The books COME & GO 1982-NOW and DATA SCAVENGING will be printed in the near future, preview copies will be presented at PrintRoom.

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