Thursday 17 November 2011, 7 – 10 pm book presentations: Eleni Kamma, Doris Denekamp, Eva Olthof and Patrícia Sousa

Eleni Kamma                                                                                                                 Enlever et Entretenir is an artist’s book made in collaboration with designer Salome Schmuki and artist Orla Barry. Enlever et Entretenir develops the idea of an in-between space through the format of a book. It examines how words and images can coexist and create meaning by disrupting it; how they make sense by seemingly letting meaning collapse. The book follows the format of a 1950s photo collection book titled Entre Escaut et Meuse [Between Scheldt and Meuse], in which images and textual descriptions of plants, animals and human activities coexist. In Enlever et Entretenir, the coexistence occurs between gaps, empty spaces and various cultural descriptions and representations of nature, both historical and newly invented.    Enlever et Entretenir is published by the Jan van Eyck Academy

Doris Denekamp
Handboek voor de Stadswildernis (Handbook for the City Wild) is a small pocket guide into the fringes of the urban landscape. Sections like Food, Shelter, Equipment and Dangers give you a wide variety of tips and tricks based on the daily survival techniques of homeless people. These tips give an insight into the resources the city offers for a life of the grid, but show at the same time how precarious and dangerous living without permanent shelter can be. Text contributions by Henry David Thoreau, Bert and Holly Davis and Maria Cecillia Loschiavo dos Santos. Handboek voor de Stadswildernis (Handbook for the City Wild) is published by the Dutch Art Institute/ArtEZ
Graphic design by Noah Venezia (Werkplaats Typografie).

Patrícia Sousa
From The Bottom Of The Chin To The Top Of The Head questions the nature of representation produced by identification systems, such as the passport photo, and its implications when representing the individual through its multiple truthful images. With text contributions by Sophie Nield and Raqs Media Collective and graphic design by Manuel Zenner (Werkplaats Typografie) this project seeks to establish a relation between the subjectivities of the self facing his/her truthful images and the possibilities that arise when representing the character of the impostor, the one who denies to show his/her face while still interpreting the rules that validate its truthful image. From The Bottom Of The Chin To The Top Of The Head is published by the Dutch Art Institute/ArtEZ.

Eva Olthof          I Have Never Seen Volcanoes But When Travellers Tell
Off the coast in the north of the Netherlands, an extinct, prehistoric volcano lies dormant in the layers of the earth and beneath the waters of the Wadden Sea. In the 1970s, while drilling for gas, volcanic specimens were found and that is how this volcano was discovered. In the late 1980s a gas-drilling platform was placed precisely above the apex of this submerged volcano and is still in function. When passing by aboard a local passenger ferry, one has a direct view of the platform. Since I have obtained this knowledge, the platform for me equates to the summit of the volcano. This place became a starting point for the imaginary and the book provides a platform for ideas on the unseen, the photograph and the volcano. Text contributions by Peter Delpeut, Siri Driessen and Roman Signer. I Have Never Seen Volcanoes But When Travellers Tell is published by the Dutch Art Institute/ArtEZ. Graphic design by Stefano Faoro  (Werkplaats Typografie).

Eleni Kamma (Athens, Greece, 1973), current artist in residence at Duende, Rotterdam, Post-Graduate Fine Art Research participant at Jan van Eyck Academie (2008/2009) and artist in residence at Wiels in 2010, Center for Contemporary Art, Brussels.

Artists Doris Denekamp (NL, 1984), Eva Olthof (NL, 1983) and Patrícia Sousa (PT, 1981) obtained an MA degree at the Dutch Art Institute in Arnhem, this summer. All three live and work in Rotterdam. Their books are part of DAI publications: a collection of artist’s books issued by Dutch Art Institute (DAI) and designed in collaboration with the Werkplaats Typografie

The presentation of Eleni Kamma is realised in collaboration with RAIR (Rotterdam Artists in Residence)

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