Friday 29 April at 19.30: D 2 R v E + A = THE ATTIC ARCHIVE IN TRANSIT

WORM and PrintRoom present an expo / film / performance event where the legendary Attic Archive from Dundee, Scotland, meets the almost legendary collection of Printroom.   Look here for: 2nd Walk Through PrintRoom (showing the Attic Archive retrospective) by Florian Cramer, shot a few hours before the opening and here for the registration of the Neost Lute Action, performed by the administrator of the Attic Archive during the opening night. Thanks Gabriëlla Barros Martin.


The Attic Archive was started in Dundee around 1980 by Pete Horobin, carried on in 1990 by Marshall Anderson and in 2000 by Peter Haining. In 2010 the Administrator of the Attic Archive found it was time to take this huge collection apart and relocate it to various cultural institutions in Scotland, Ireland and Hungary. Now the last substantial part is on its way to Budapest, and only shortly on show in Rotterdam.

So what kind of archive is this? In the words of the Administrator: a self-historification project in three phases, where each day was systematically and rigorously documented, using a wide range of media from photography, film and audio to drawing, mail art and daily journals.

And what makes it so special? Not only the tireless discipline, accuracy and dedication but also the quality of the work, the amazing typography, the graphic work, the humour and the craftsmanship.

On show in the Printroom will be:

  • collages and drawings from 1985, which was the DATA period (Daily Action Time Archive) and bears a NEOIST label.
  • some publications and objects from later periods.
  • some curious interventions in the Printroom space.
  • in the viewing corner: a number of short films from the Attic Archive.
  • NEOISM has played a fundamental role in the Attic Archive’s development. N.O. Cantsin’s book ‘A NEOIST RESEARCH PROJECT’ is available in the Printroom bookshop.
  • Last but not least of course Printroom’s own amazing collection of artists’ books and magazines that has been in transit and growing for 7 years!

29 April  13.00- 17.00: the exhibition is on view during Printroom’s usual opening hours                                                                                                           19.30  The Administrator presents a programme of short films from the Attic Archive.  No performances are planned yet but some unplanned ones might occur.

Karen Eliot is spinning some records & tapes.

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