Special Edition

Special Edition

An exhibition of drawings based on the book ‘Drawings on Hands’ by Serge Onnen. Participating artists:

Alain Sechas, Holger Bunk, Christine Rusche, Olav Westphalen, Marlene Dumas, Marcel van Eeden, Moriceau & Mrzyk, Danica Phelps, Morgan Betz, Melody Owen, Kinke Kooi, Ronald Versloot, many anonymous artists, Daragh Reeves, Lara de Moor, Paul Klemann, Francis Alÿs, Andrei Roiter, Tamara Shopsin, Michael Kirkham, Jonas Ohlsson, Paolo Piscitelli, Serge Onnen and others.

Schietbaanstraat 17, Rotterdam

Drawings on Hands is a carefully compiled collection of images of the hand. This veritable visual encyclopaedia collects 132 images of our most dexterous body part, gathered from across the annals of art history -from a meticulous study by Albrecht Dürer to the contemporary dreamlike depiction by Moriceau & Mrzyk, from instructional handshake diagrams to warnings for pickpockets. The hand as a stamp, a model, a stencil, a map, a calendar, a medical index, a relic, an indicator, a saint and a magician.

Drawings On Hands is number four in an ongoing series of books on drawings, published by J&L Books (US). Previously released: Drawings on Heads, Drawings on Geology and Drawings on Writing.                                         http://www.drawingsonhands.org

Twenty artists have made work available for this exhibition.

Exhibition dates: 17.02.2011 through 19.03.2011 thu – sat 13.00 – 17.00      and by appointment:   06 18012478

preview pictures:

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