PrintROOM @ Nieuwe Vide, Haarlem

Huig Bartels photography

photography: Huig Bartels

Trading Places back + forth
a collaboration between Dutch and Polish artists
in Nieuwe Vide, Haarlem and Hotel Mariakapel, Hoorn

September 29 – 21 October 2007

Dominika Skutnik – Ania Witkowska – Andrzej Karmasz – Adam Witkowski – Alicja Karska & Ola Went
– Bart Lodewijks – Moritz Ebinger – Anno Dijkstra – Guda Koster – Karin de Jong/ PRINTROOM

Andrzej Karmasz, one of the participants of the ‘Trading Places Back + Forth’ project, was asked to make a selection from the PrintROOM archive as it is installed at the Nieuwe Vide. This is his selection:

Indra Miu Miu – nice version

“This book I judged by its cover; perhaps because I’m 8.2 % Japanese, it immediately catches my eye. If I go through the collection pretending it were a bookshop, I would first go for this one…”

Dane Mitchell Direct Line from NZ to US

“I picked this up because I was triggered by the title: Direct Line from NZ to US. It reminded me of the story of immigrants who thought to be on a boat from Poland to the US. Suddenly they found out the boat went to New Zealand. This happened in at the end of the 19th century.”

Rob van Hoesel Transit Land / Transito Land / Pays – Transit

“Driving a car gives me a sense of freedom: you can stop the movement or journey at a chosen point.”

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