2 July 2022 – BooXtravaganza! Launch of new publications by Juliette Gilson and Cengiz Mengüc & Clara Balaguer

17.30 Artist talks
There will be drinks and food. Please join us!

PrintRoom, Schietbaanstraat 17, Rotterdam

The Third Landscape
by Juliette Gilson

The Third Landscape is the tangible result of Juliette Gilson’s experiment-driven research project that took place from May 2021 to April 2022. The project emerged from an interest in the port-city of Rotterdam – its landscape and built environment, its roads and omnipresent traffic, trucks, containers, gas stations, parking lots and warehouses. Through urban investigations of transitional spaces, between port and city, transformations of an ever-changing part of society are recorded. Walking and writing are used as a cognitive method that informs and triggers new processes of thinking, researching, making and communicating. Walking means being immersed, drenched in the present condition amongst surrounding elements, through which temporal realities and new narratives are being revealed. 
The publication includes contributions by Bart de Baets, René Boer, marjolijn kok and Nino Maissouradze.

Vernacular Design Horoscope Reading
by Cengiz Mengüç and Clara Balaguer 

FREE BONUS! Homework Streetfolder

Your Company Name presents a one-afternoon-only event…
Half a year after the sidewalk take-away walk-by release of… 
2022 Calendar of Leaked Research*…

Clara Balaguer and Cengiz Mengüç will discuss their research home/streetwork in a month-to-month format, speculating modest destinies for design psychonauts interested in diskarte, ch0ss3l r3cl4me, radical inkjet, phoenix design, default fonts, PDF RIP deals, and more. There may also be YouTube DJ sessions, but we are not sure yet.

*2022 CoLR contains residue from an ongoing investigation into vernacular design culture as it manifests on the streets of Rotterdam and as it links to other design cultures in the elsewhere. The corporate giveaway template (calendar) is considered a valid research surface. Throughout 2021, Mengüç and Balaguer—under the temporary handle Your Company Name—have used casual of field work methodologies to amass qualitative data: long walks documented by smartphone, Whatsapp image dumps, take-away-fueled conversations logged on Etherpad, and chilling IRL and on Zoom.

18 June 2022 – Riso, Miso & Repair with Erika Hirose and Bronwen Jones during Museumnacht010

Saturday 18 June 2022, start 19.00 
19.00-20.00 – Artist talks
20.30 – Making miso from bread, with Erika Hirose
21.30 – Workshop textile repair, with Bronwen Jones
Ongoing – Miso tasting, garment repair, DIY notebook making with leftover printing material from our riso workshop space

During Museumnacht010, PrintRoom presents two new publications: Making Miso by Erika Hirose and Clothing Correspondence by Bronwen Jones. 

Making Miso is a diary about traveling, memory, loss, and making miso for a living. As with the flavors of miso, emotions become milder with time. Published by Twofold, in partnership with PrintRoom.

Make your own miso with The Bread Miso Making Kit developed by Erika Hirose! You only need to bring 100 grams of leftover bread — like plain white rolls, brown bread, sourdough, or bagels.

Clothing Correspondence reveals the many layers of stories that are soaked up by textile. Through her work, Bronwen Jones explores the relationship between bodies and garments — the stories held in their creases and the traces they leave in one another. 

Bring your damaged garments to be repaired, in exchange for an intimate conversation around care, labor and repair!

18-23 April 2022, Meet our new Publisher in Residence: Claudia de la Torre / backbonebooks

Friday 22 April, 19-21hrs
Artist talk about backbonebooks by Claudia de la Torre and presentation of the results of the workshops. You’re invited!

Claudia de la Torre is PrintRoom’s new Publisher in Residence. In 2011 she founded Berlin-based backbonebooks. By publishing her own as well as work by other artists, she examines what a book can be – as collaborative process and in relation to other objects, spaces and concepts. Claudia will dig into our archive and create new work based on our collection.

20-21-22 April
Publishing workshops with Claudia de la Torre. Expect to be making bookmarks too! Spots are available, upon application. Please send us an email when you are interested.

15.4.22 Ruja Press & Marc Nagtzaam

From 19-21 hrs at PrintRoom

Ruja Press will present their new publication This Was A Project But We Have Forgotten What It Was (2022), published by PrintRoom, in which Ruohong Wu and José Quintanar of Ruja Press share their experiences with artist publishing. A book as an alternative catalog, an artist book on artist books and on drawing as a process. This weekend their exhibition 10 Years of Ruja Press is still on view at PrintRoom too! The collection will become part of PrintRoom’s growing archive of artist publishing.

In addition, Marc Nagtzaam will present his new publication Farben (2021) alongside previous work, followed by a conversation with the audience and Ruja Press about artist publishing, drawing, allies and friendship. You’re invited! We serve snacks and drinks.

Farben is an artist book which is the result of an experiment to introduce color in an oeuvre that consists for the most part of variations in black and white. The book is a compilation of various types of drawings; geometric compositions, borrowed from existing book covers, posters, and paintings, numerous line drawings based on erased ‘to-do-lists’, and ‘sketches of drawings’ by Marc Nagtzaam. As with its predecessor Zeichnungen he combined his material by printing it in different layers on a Riso duplicator at the Jan van Eyck Academie in Maastricht. The result is a careful composition of drawings that became a new work in itself. Printed in a limited edition of 200 copies, numbered and signed. Published by Roma Publications.

Ruja Press installing at PrintRoom

12.3.22 15.4.22 ~ RUJA Press: This is a project but we have forgotten what it was

Ten years of making books as a public space by Ruja Press 

PrintRoom presents 10 years of Ruja Press’ work, playfully researching and exposing their publishing practice and family with an exhibition, a public event and a book launch.

Ruohong Wu and José Quintanar, researchers, artists, architects and publishers at Ruja Press: “We perceive publishing as our artistic practice. We make books from a social and political conviction. But, above all, we make books to have fun”. Since 2013, the two artists have opted for publishing as a way to create social spaces and a poetic tool of communication. As they say: “We draw for our friends, and printing a drawing is the cheapest way to share a drawing with many others.” It’s how they started, in London – with a simple approach to make a community.

During Art Central Rotterdam XL – Gallery Weekend, PrintRoom welcomes Ruja and friends for the opening of the exhibition and a public event. The exhibition, with over 40 artist books by Ruja, explores the idea of “making books as a format for artistic practice” and aims to connect and expand the audience from a single space to other interventions in the public space. After the exhibition, PrintRoom and Ruja launch a publication about 10 years Ruja Press – which features, among others, the project Today is a Very Very Very Very Gummy Place (2021).

A ball has been shot by a man. A man carrying a flag. A flag that has been previously shot by another person. Another person of whom we only know the gesture of his leg at the moment of shooting. The drawing ends with an “etc”. There are two annotations, “This was a Project but” at the top of the drawing, “We have forgotten what it was”, at the bottom.

“This is a drawing made by Robert Filliou and George Brecht. We found ten years ago inside of their book “Games at the Cedilla, or the cedilla takes off” published by Something Else Press in 1967. This image has haunted us for all that time. The drawing seems to be the beginning of a game. The elements of the drawing are indicating the instructions for playing. It´s is like a word game, where each element conditions the next and so on. At the same time, the information received establishes that the game has a fun character. Don’t think too much, the more absurd the better, continue playing and have fun. The “etc” indicates that we could continue playing:

“A ball is shot by a man who is carrying a flag. A flag that has been shot by a woman. A woman who has an elephant hat. An elephant hat that has been shot by a man. A man who is wearing a very very very long wig. A very very very long wig that has been shot by a woman. A woman who has a huge fancy umbrella. A huge fancy umbrella that has been shot by a man. Etc…”

If we had to describe what is a book for us, we could not explain it better than this drawing. This is why now we had to redraw that drawing. It’s for a book about RUJA PRESS, 10 years making books. It will be published by PrintRoom and will be called, why not, “This is a project but we have forgotten what it was”. 

RUJA Press

Friday 4 March, 6 – 8 pm: Public Library Of 📚📚 zines launch with Eva Olthof, Joke van der Zwaard a.o. 

Launch of Public Library Of – Zines on library controversies and library love.
A project by Eva Olthof. 

Friday 4 March 2022, 18:30hrs (doors open at 18hrs)

PrintRoom, Schietbaanstraat 17, Rotterdam

Public Library Of is a series of zines which zoom in on public library controversies in different parts of the world. For each of the zines one specifically invited guest sheds light on a local library issue. This first edition of 200 copies, comprises 5 contributions, which are set in Alice Springs (AU), Bandung (ID) and Rotterdam (NL) with detours to Amsterdam and Spijkenisse (NL), Chicago (US) and Inverness (UK). The zines, published and riso printed at PrintRoom, feature multiple texts, newspaper clippings, fieldwork pictures, a poem and drawings. 

With presentations by Eva Olthof (visual artist) and Joke van der Zwaard (researcher and writer, co-initiator Leeszaal West) and video contributions by Frans Ari Prasetyo (researcher), Gabriel Curtin (artist, writer, editor) and Agent OH (artist, member of KUNCI). The program is subject to change. This evening is part of PrintRoom’s and Eva Olthof’s ongoing collaboration. 

Since working on her long-term research project Public Library Of, Eva Olthof has had many encounters and inspiring conversations with people in different parts of the world that have the public library (and/or self-organised libraries) close to their heart. At the same time, they all observe the challenges which the institutions or users face firsthand: the closing of libraries, recurrent budget cuts, libraries used as instruments for city marketing lacking profound visions, opposition to self-organised initiatives, or – in times of a pandemic – libraries becoming places of exclusion instead of inclusion. 

Eva Olthof is a visual artist based in Rotterdam (NL). In recent years her work has focused on public and self-organised libraries, examining how to make the public library a (more) democratic place by collectively re-thinking its current state through means of art, publishing, history and philosophy.

Joke van der Zwaard researches and writes about social issues in the city. She is co-initiator of Leeszaal West and Jeugdbieb West, both citizens libraries in Oude Westen Rotterdam (NL). All newspaper clippings in Public Library Of are part of Joke’s collection.Frans Ari Prasetyo is an External Research Associate at York University. He is based in Bandung (ID) and works on urban-ecology politics with various grassroots communities, underground collectives and representatives of the marginalised urban population.

Gabriel Curtin is an artist, writer and editor living and working in Alice Springs (AUS) on unceded Arrernte Country. His work is broadly concerned with poetry’s ability to locate and enact relations unencumbered by policy.

Agent OH is an artist based in Yogyakarta (ID) and a member of KUNCI study forum and collective.

Design by  nicolemartens.nl in collaboration with Eva Olthof.

Published and riso printed at PrintRoom

18.12.21 14.00 – 17.00: YOUR COMPANY NAME HERE  2022 Calendar of Leaked Research “Life goes on”

A sidewalk calendar launch

Calendar PICK-UP point 
Annual *research* VIBE CHECK*
Ch0553L Mix-tape DJ set 
on PARTYBOX soundsystem
Phone photo album SCROLL-A-THON
YouTube cinema WATCH PARTY*
Unprofessional BIZNIZ GIFTS

*c o m i n g s o o n   2 0 2 2

Cengiz Mengüç and Clara Balaguer present their 2022 Calendar of Leaked Research which contains residue from their ongoing investigation into vernacular design culture as it manifests on the streets of Rotterdam and as it links to other design cultures in the elsewhere. The corporate giveaway template (calendar) is considered a valid research surface. 

Throughout 2021, Mengüç and Balaguer—under the temporary handle Your Company Name—have used casual of field work methodologies to amass qualitative data: long walks documented by smartphone, Whatsapp image dumps, take-away-fueled conversations logged on Etherpad, and chilling IRL and on Zoom. 

For this afternoon, the facade and sidewalk of PrintRoom will be transformed to a Covid-friendly, outdoor window installation and take-away pick-up point. The calendars will be for sale alongside some (warm) drinks, snacks, and music blasted on a portable partybox. 

10 & 13 December: Wrapping Paper Workshop

We’ve riso printed December wrapping papers designed by the artists we’ve worked with in the past year – get your copy when you visit PrintRoom for a book-pick up!

You can also mail us if you wish to receive a Holiday in the Archive wrapping paper.

12.12.21: Lunch at Bookiewoekie – Holiday in the Archive

We have gathered together to talk and eat lunch around a wooden table in the back of the shop. Runa and Jan from Boekie Woekie, Karin and Nadine from PrintRoom and Eleanor who is visiting from London.

What would you say to someone thinking of opening an artist bookshop?

We are riding the wave. Several reasons have led to amazing increase of the scene and opportunities for artists to avoid a potentially corrupt gallery system and go into something which has until now has kept its innocence. And this is penetrating into other circles.  We are in great times and anyone who could possibly think of starting an artist bookshop – please do it now! I’m fully for it. It’s even feasible, it’s not even as totally ridiculous anymore as it was. (Laughs)

Continue reading Eleanor’s X Archive

Conversation with Jan Voss, Rúna Thorkelsdóttir, Nadine, Karin de Jong, Eleanor Vonne Brown at Boekie Woekie on Sunday 12 December 2021 for PrintRoom’s ‘Holiday in the Archive’ project. Books and images we collected that day were used to make Riso printed wrapping paper at PrintRoom.

3.12.21 Book Lunch: Counter Signals #4 with Alan Smart, Matt Plezier and FGA

An intimate gathering with Alan Smart from Other Forms, Matt Plezier – Mono Rhetorik, Robert Hamelijnck and Nienke Terpsma from Fucking Good Art – who also interviewed Alan for WORM Radio. Friends and PrintRoom team members and some passers by joined us – we all listened to the interview.

The fourth issue of Counter-Signals invokes, in black and bright red, texts and images to query the claims and break the aesthetic chains of “visual identity,” within and against late capitalism. What is an identity and what can we do about it? Proletarian negativity, the IBM design manual, chop suey cheap wasp workers, rowdy crinolines, tranquilizing camouflage, misprint capital, José Carlos Mariátegui, queers at war, indonesian punks on hope, and much much more, or less.

Counter-Signals #4 includes contributions from Nathan Brown, Ulrike Jordan, Gerd Conradt, Lisa Vinebaum, Samo Tomšič, Bea Walker, Verónica Casado Hernández, Nat Pyper, Werker Collective, Evan Fusco, Michalis Pichler, Andrea Garcia Flores, Angel Gonzalez, Chris Lee, Mahmoud Keshavarz, Hannah Bruckmüller and Michal B. Ron, Jorge Cano, Anuar Portugal, Carlos Quiroz, Erin Madarieta, Alex Lahr, Sean Martin-Iverson, and Jacob Lindgren.