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Risograph or Riso printing is a unique form of high speed stencil printing, which is somewhere between lo-fi screen printing and hi-tech digital printing. 

Riso printing is used for producing books, zines, flyers, posters and more. With Riso, each ink is printed one at a time. Colours rarely line up perfectly on top of each other. This is an inherent part of the process which makes every print unique, and gives Riso its distinctive look.

Riso is fast, relatively cheap and environmentally friendly. It allows you to make around 8000 prints per master. 

Riso at PrintRoom

PrintRoom has A3 machines with double drum.

PrintRoom offers no less than 20 colours for printing:
Bright Red — Red — Orange — Black — White — Yellow — Teal — Blue — Aqua — Green — Med Blue — Purple — Burgundy — Metallic Gold — Flat Gold — Fluo Pink — Fluo Green — Sunflower — Violet.

PrintRoom has a variety of Munken and Biotop paper to choose from. We also provide cutting, folding and binding services.

Over the years, many artists and designers have printed and published their projects together with our Riso experts at our facilities. Most of the publications can be found in our shop.

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or visit the workshop space at Robert Fruinstraat 52 during opening hours: Thursdays and Fridays from 10am to 6pm.

We regularly announce workshops via the calendar on this website. You are very welcome to join!

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