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18.12.21 14.00 – 17.00: YOUR COMPANY NAME HERE  2022 Calendar of Leaked Research “Life goes on”

A sidewalk calendar launch

Calendar PICK-UP point 
Annual *research* VIBE CHECK*
Ch0553L Mix-tape DJ set 
on PARTYBOX soundsystem
Phone photo album SCROLL-A-THON
YouTube cinema WATCH PARTY*
Unprofessional BIZNIZ GIFTS

*c o m i n g s o o n   2 0 2 2

Cengiz Mengüç and Clara Balaguer present their 2022 Calendar of Leaked Research which contains residue from their ongoing investigation into vernacular design culture as it manifests on the streets of Rotterdam and as it links to other design cultures in the elsewhere. The corporate giveaway template (calendar) is considered a valid research surface. 

Throughout 2021, Mengüç and Balaguer—under the temporary handle Your Company Name—have used casual of field work methodologies to amass qualitative data: long walks documented by smartphone, Whatsapp image dumps, take-away-fueled conversations logged on Etherpad, and chilling IRL and on Zoom. 

For this afternoon, the facade and sidewalk of PrintRoom will be transformed to a Covid-friendly, outdoor window installation and take-away pick-up point. The calendars will be for sale alongside some (warm) drinks, snacks, and music blasted on a portable partybox. 

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