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25 & 26 June, 7 – 9 pm: Walk with Me – Jasper Griepink, Zsófia Sonja Illés / Collective Plant and friends

We’re celebrating the start of summer with book presentations,  performances, a foraging walk and (wild!) snacks and drinks

You’re invited!!

25 June, 7 -9 pm

* Collective Plant
by Zsófia Sonja Illés

 *My Wavy Sarong,
book presentation by Jasper Griepink
with sound performance in collaboration with Maia Lyon Daw

Sunday 26 June, 11 am – 4 pm:

Foraging walk and wild food preparation

email us if you’d like to participate! info(at)printroom(dot)org

Collective Plant zines and calendar – foraging trip and meal


My Wavy Sarong by Jasper Griepink


For the presentation of My Wavy Sarong at PrintRoom, Jasper Griepink will be collaborating with Maia Lyon Daw to conjure an interactive and exploratory sound and narrative landscape. Free-style slam reading, field recordings and traditional Indonesian Gamelan music enter into in the mystical journey of My Wavy Sarong.

My Wavy Sarong (2016) is an animistic and sensual short novel in which the reality of a white western youngster with shamanic aspirations meets up with the current reality of Indonesia. In the story line, a tension is created between the free appropriation of exotic cultural elements as a means to make the world more magical and free, and the awareness that this doesn’t always work out. During the travel, the protagonist discovers that the spiritual ‘self-development’ of the West is in fact deeply rooted in an early-colonial esoteric philosophy. Via dialogues with granite temple-complexes, cute boys, snake-spirits and various traditional rituals, the spirituality and sexuality of the author are reflected against his experience of the South East Asian country.

Collective Plant is a community foraging project based in Budapest, founded by the artist and photographer Zsófia Sonja Illés. Collective Plant organises community activities, such as workshops and foraging trips which encourage urban dwellers to come closer to nature and natural sources of nutrition that grow wild in our cities.

Collective Plant publishes community cookbooks and risograph foraging fanzines with Budapest-based artists.

Zsófia Sonja Illés participated in the 2015 Istanbul Biennale with a cookbook project and organised a Foraging city walk for Urban Series Festival Istanbul in April 2015. She has been artist in residence in both Lisbon and the Azores islands on arts and sustainability projects.


Sunday 26 June, 11 am – 5 pm:

Foraging walk and wild food preparation

PrintRoom welcomes Collective Plant and Cuisine Vagabonde for a day-long workshop and invites a small group to explore Rotterdam on foot to forage for edible plants growing wild in our city.
The walk will lead us to the kitchen of Het lachende varken, where Anne-Lise and Zsofia instruct us in preparing the seasonal, wild ingredients found along the way. We’ll use these to make tea, lemonade, pesto, shrubs/sodas and salads.

Our findings, texts, photos and drawings will make their way into a new publication by PrintRoom on the wild edible foods we can find here in our city, together with instructions and our experiments in preserving food.

It will be the pilot of our series NET Books, a collection of instruction books (cook books, DIY books, manuals) in which we’ll collaborate with like minded publication initiatives, including X Marks the Bökship (UK), Temporary Services (US), Collective Plant (HU), Hato Press (UK) and more. The digital files for NET Books will be distributed between these organisations and each of them will print their version on their own stencil machine and distribute the collection via their network.

Cuisine Vagabonde is run by Anne-Lise Vredenbregt. Working always with organically grown seasonal vegetables and organic products, Anne-Lise Vredenbregt runs cooking workshops in Rotterdam and is a chef at the local vegetarian restaurant Het lachende varken (The Smiling Pig.)



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